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"This is the last place I want to be," I mumble, staring out the window at the moving trees.

"You've said that," Katherine groans, sipping her champagne, "multiple times."

When she pulled up outside of the Grill, I had a lot of thoughts run through my brain. First being her audacity to be in Mystic Falls despite the risk of Klaus, though I'm sure she somehow knew he was out of town. Second, that she is friendly with Elijah. He hunted her back then, though there's surely more to that story than the one-sided version I heard from Klaus many years ago. And third, why would she be here for me? Wouldn't it be much smarter for Elijah to come here himself if he wanted me to oblige?

And yet, I got in the car. Adalynn is staying behind to make sure things stay in order while I'm gone, though that alone took some convincing. She worries about her own fate based on my past with this family, but Mikael is dead, my magic is in my control, and I consider Elijah family. We have little to worry about.

"Yeah, well I don't trust you, Katerina," I remind her. "You have somehow weaseled your way into Elijah's heart, I'm sure, but that doesn't mean you automatically mean something to me."

She looks at me skeptically, "How did you know?"

"That you're romantically involved?" I clarify, and she nods. "I know his heart."

She scoffs at my emotional statement, but it's true. He is loyal without doubt, and she has the face of his first love. Two plus two equals four.

"We're trying to protect you, you know," she states flatly, pouring herself the rest of the champagne. This luxurious car has two bottles and two glasses displayed near the window, but she has yet to offer me any.

"I'm here for Elijah," I remind her.

She shrugs, "Worth a shot."

I can tell that she's trying to make an effort, but it's too strange for me to see past her reputation. The stories I have heard from others are full of betrayal and hatred, so she can't blame me for not trusting her. Unlike Elijah, I will not be falling for an act.

"We're here," the driver calls back to us.

"Thank you, Troy," she says graciously.

The car is winding on a dirt driveway lined with beautiful rising pines and wilderness. It would be a sight to take in if I wasn't so tongue-tied at the situation I have put myself in.

When the car comes to a stop, Troy opens the door for us. The house is beautiful, but in a cabin in the woods type of way. It's at least two stories with shining wooden beams and glistening blue windows that are obviously made to reflect the nature outside. Rather than let outsiders know what's on the inside, I'm sure.

"Keep your phone on, but I hope we won't need you," Katherine compels the driver when we're both out of the car. She hands him a stack of bills as well, "For your trouble."

I narrow my eyes at her back when she starts towards the door. The charitable act isn't one I'd expect from her either.

She opens the cabin door and immediately starts moving into the space. The inside is far more modern that I would have expected from the two of them, but I would guess this is only temporary.

"Where's Elijah?" I question, not moving from the entryway. "I just need to speak with him, then I'll be on my way."

"Oh, that's cute," she mocks me, "but you're not going anywhere for a while."

My magic jumps to attention defensively for a moment, but I don't act on the emotions coursing through me. That's what she wants.

"And why's that?" I press.

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