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"You haven't changed much," Mikael observes as the compelled hybrid grips my arms to constrict my movements.

"Do not pretend that you know me at all," I snap.

A female hybrid whispers into Mikael's ear something I can't hear. He nods and she walks back into the house without another word.

"This could not be going better." he exclaims, moving to stand in front of me.

Mikael puts a finger under my chin to force me to look at him. I narrow my eyes and try to shove him away, but the hybrid's hold on me only tightens.

I don't remember ever having a conversation with this monster before. I've heard reluctant stories from Klaus and his siblings but speaking to him in the flesh is far more horrifying than they were ever able to describe.

"I can see why Niklaus fancies you," he mutters, "You are extraordinary. I look forward to our time together."

I shudder, "Wh-What do you mean?"

Mikael smirks and puts a strand of hair behind my ear, "You are unable to die, Claramay. So, while my stepson walks alone on the other side, he will watch as I kill you over and over again. The perfect torture."

I spit in his face, "You're a monster! He doesn't deserve any of this!"

He wipes away my saliva in disgust, "You know that is not true."

The female returns again, but she is dragging Katherine along behind her this time. Mikael turns to their direction and grabs Katherine's arm as soon as they're close enough to us. She struggles, as Elena would, and pretends to look completely terrified.

"Clara," she breathes, "I'm so sorry, I had no idea."

"Save it, Elena." I snap, going along with her comments.

Klaus's chances of coming out of this alive are growing slimmer by the second. With his hybrids compelled and my magic out of use, he's the only one left to fight to save his life. Even with Katherine coming in to act as Elena, Damon has nothing to worry about that could go wrong with his plan.

The angry side of myself wonders if Damon knows about Mikael wanting to take me hostage. If he doesn't, will he run to my rescue like I have done for him so many times before? Or maybe he turn his back on me out of spite.

"It's time." The female hybrid declares.

Mikael nods and she goes back inside. We follow her; Mikael dragging Katherine along and the man holding onto me shoves me forward roughly so that I walk as well. My magic hisses in anger, but I am still unable to reach its power to fight him off.

I notice many more hybrids line up behind us as Mikael makes his way to the door. He pushes Katherine into one of them and orders her to hold her until the time is right. The woman nods and stands on the far side of the porch as to not be seen by the people inside.

Mikael points behind him and my hybrid minion forces me to stand there with him. The original hunter smiles and runs a hand across my cheek.

"Klaus is a fool to have thought you dead. The immortal witch... look at you now."

"At least I haven't spent the last thousand years chasing someone and failing over and over and over again." I exaggerate each word and his face grows angry.

"You bitch," He exclaims before slapping me across the face with original vampire force.

Katherine gasps, but I'm not sure if it's just for show. I suck in my own sharp breath and subconsciously try to back away from him, but the hybrid won't let me move an inch. My cheek burns red, but I try not to let the pain show on my face as Mikael snickers to himself.

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