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The next time that I try to fall asleep, I'm in my own bed. Adalynn lays next to me, light snores escaping her with every breath. When it used to be just us, I felt comforted listening to her fast asleep, but that feeling just refuses to come over me tonight.

Considering how late it was when we finally got back to the mansion, I wouldn't be surprised if the sun was about to come up at any second. Elijah and Rebekah are down the hall in their own rooms, and I wonder if they can't fall asleep either.

With slow movements, I manage to lift myself out of bed without waking Adalynn. Klaus had set a room up for her across the hall, but she has insisted on staying with me since she arrived. She hasn't yet touched her own bed, which doesn't bother me—I usually feel very grateful for her company.

Tonight is a bit different, though. It seems that I've lost control over my own thoughts within the night. They are haunted by burning coffins and people that aren't really there, and no matter how hard I try to block out these images, they just continue to spiral behind my eyes.

I'm not really paying attention to where I'm going until I reach a solid, oak door. It's cracked just enough that with a gentle push, it swings fully open.

Klaus's room is exactly the same as it was the last time I was in it. His wardrobe is even still pushed open as it was before the school dance, despite his usually neatness.

I close my eyes for a second. I'm not sure if this is a good idea after so little time, but I need to feel close to him right now. I'll go crazy if I don't just...

Another version of myself appears before me dressed in my 1920's costume:

My past-self inches into the room timidly, but the curiosity behind my eyes is much more obvious than the fear of trouble I thought I was in.

"What is it, Clara?"

My present heart skips a beat at the sound of his voice. Taking a shaky step inside, I follow my reflected- self further into the room.

Klaus had been looking at me through the reflection of his wardrobe mirror. His eyes sparkle as he lays eyes on me, but that's not something I noticed then.

"Just checking on you," I admitted. "Is everything alright?"

I'm so much closer to him now than I was then. I wasn't able to see his face when he turned away from me, but now I can relive every moment up close.

Klaus sighed, "I do not enjoy the reminders of you being... alive after all this time."

I wonder why he hid the grimace that came with this statement. It hurts me to see it flash across his face even now that I'm not in this situation anymore. I never wanted him to feel this way.

I watch myself help him with his tie as he stared at me. Despite being upset, he still looked at me with the most loving gaze I have ever seen. And when he asked me about being with other people, it melted my past and present hearts. I remember that very clearly.

I hate watching myself blush in his presence. He makes me react more than any other person can, which is probably why it never worked with anyone else.

I close my eyes and shake my head to clear away the memory. It's then that I notice that I've been silently crying as I watched, and I hurriedly wipe away the tears on my cheeks too.

Looking down into the wardrobe, I notice the perfect yellow and blue tux that he had worn that night. It's shoved into a dirty clothes hamper and I release a breathy and sad chuckle at the thought of Klaus ever doing laundry.

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