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"Damon, I don't know where the hell you are, but this is a matter of life and death for Elena. Get to the town high school now."

I end what seems like the millionth voicemail to the absent Damon Salvatore. I don't know what he would be able to do for us at this point, but at least he can act objectively against Klaus if he hurts Elena. Plus, his presence would mean that I don't have to be in charge of the doppelgänger anymore.

The light breeze of the summer night air brushes my cheeks, but it doesn't calm the heating red of power burning beneath my skin. Being out of the sweaty gym has been beneficial in calming my own emotions, but my magic wants to kick some serious ass.

Then again, who would I be hurting if I let this anger inside of me free? Can I really bring myself to hurt Klaus or Rebekah?

No, I decide. There's no possible way that I could harm them in any way. They are all the family I have left, even if they choose to not accept me anymore.


The memory of Klaus's concerned voice echoes through my head, reminding me that he may still care.

I internally roll my eyes at my stupidity. Rebekah has it right: they should never forgive me for what I did to them when I left.

Maybe I'm an idiot for leaving Elena in the school alone with Klaus. Despite my request of holding out on any drastic measures, there is no telling what was going through his head. By now, Tyler and Elena could be dead. Maybe all the rest of them too if this plan of his doesn't work out for the better.

Damon is going to kill me.

I'm thrown from my rambling thoughts at the sound of light curses and groans. I turn the corner of the school, stumbling upon the one and only Stefan Salvatore. He's hunched over, breathing so heavily I should have heard him from my place on the other side of the building. I take a few steps forward towards him, cautiously, as he pulls a rusty crowbar painfully out of his chest.

He stumbles forward and I automatically reach to steady him. If he's startled by my sudden approach, he doesn't show it. Instead, he doubles over again, clutching his stomach and coughing.

"Who are-?" He coughs again, throwing his arm over my shoulders in an attempt to pick himself back up.

"Shut up!" I hiss, barely being able to stand with balancing him, "The healing should be kicking in anytime now."

I give my own groan as he forcefully uses me to push himself up. With the amazing ability to heal even faster than I can, he's able to stand at a slouch.

"Looks like you'll live," I say sarcastically, but he stares down at me in an attempt to be intimidating. Having spent so much time spying on and hearing about the youngest Salvatore from Damon, I don't falter at his menacing. "Listen, you don't know me, but-"

"I do." He says quickly, checking his previously fatal wound even though there's nothing there to worry about anymore. "You're Klaus's girl... Claramay."

"I'm not Klaus's anything."

"That's not how he said it back in the 20's."

That comment catches me off guard. In the 1920's I had been considered dead for almost 500 years. After all that time, Klaus still hadn't moved on? Then again, neither had I.

Suddenly, I'm forced against the side of the building at lightning speed. I do more than gasp, having had the wind blown out of me at the unexpected action. Stefan presses his arm against my chest to hold my restrained position.

"Where's Elena?" He growls.

It takes me a second to understand that, because of my past with Klaus, Stefan thinks I would no doubt be helping the demented Hybrid. He doesn't bother questioning the chances of me being on his side for a second.

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