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Elena eventually leaves to get ready for the local high school's homecoming dance. Before she's out the door, she urges me to let someone else guard Mikael's body as I have been sitting in the same spot all day. It's not that I'm worried that someone will release him from his impaled dagger, I just don't really have anything else I need to do besides wait for Klaus to come turn him to ashes.

Stefan and Damon only leave my side once to say goodbye to Elena. Stefan glances at his watch every ten minutes, probably eager to be released from Klaus's compulsion when he inevitably arrives. Damon, on the other hand, is much calmer in how he interacts with me. Multiple times he reassures me that nothing will happen to the body if I decide to take my eyes off of it for a second. I refuse each time.

The last person awaiting Klaus's return is Rebekah. In the last few hours, I've learned that she's been living here as of two nights ago after Stefan told her that I was staying at Alaric's place instead. I'm not sure when they became friendly, but I guess that's not my business anymore.

"I'm surprised to still see you here," Rebekah says, appearing behind me. "I'd figure you would want nothing to do with this town now that Mikael is dead."

"He's not dead yet." I mutter.

It was harder to look at the body before me when I first saw it, but I guess there's a growing satisfaction within me at his demise. I notice Rebekah avoids looking at the corpse at all costs—she must feel just as I did, but worse as he was her father once.

Rebekah moves hesitantly and sits a great distance away on the opposite side of the couch I'm on. I guess her hate towards me is exactly the same, but at least we can both act civilized.

"You should leave, Clara." She mutters after a moment.

I shake my head, "I'll wait for Klaus. I don't feel comfortable leaving him unguarded."

"You misunderstand," She explains, "You need to leave Mystic Falls. Leave my brother. This place is a trap for people like us."

I know what she is implying as soon as she says it. The people of Mystic Falls use their humanity so bluntly and peacefully that it makes an immortal life like ours feel less than natural. Rebekah and I both despise our own immortality. If given the chance to finally die, for good this time, I would take it in an instant. I've always believed that I have lived long enough, but Rebekah longs to live the human life and to experience the natural death that comes with it. I don't need that, obviously, as I am still human in many ways.

"You're right." I reply, "I'll be gone as soon as Mikael burns. My stay was always temporary anyway."

She nods, slowly. Damon reenters the room and makes his way to me. His posture shows a calm and collected presence, but the sadness behind his eyes is still evident. Without much thought, I realize he must have been listening to Rebekah and me.

"Clara," he kneels in front of me, looking up into my eyes with his soft blue ones, "I need you to leave now."

I narrow my eyes, "What's going on?"

Damon takes one of my hands and I prepare for him to tell me something absolutely terrible. I mean, he's acting like something's seriously wrong—how else am I supposed to take it?

"Alaric's on his way over," he blurts, "I'm so sorry, but it's last second and I'm not going to tell him no. We're finally on good terms and—"

I interrupt him, "Damon, it's completely fine. I'm not really in the mood to see him right now anyway. Besides, Rebekah will be here to watch Mikael. Right?"

I turn to the blonde and she reassures me with a nod. It's not as cold as I had expected, but I appreciate the favor, nonetheless.

Damon expresses his gratitude by escorting me back to my apartment. He seems overly relieved that I'm out of his house, but I try not to worry about it since Rebekah is still there making sure Mikael stays dead. Not that I don't also trust Damon or Stefan, they are just both acting a little strange around me.

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