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I find myself pulling up to the familiar abandoned house just a few hours after entering Michigan. The property sits on a back street on the outskirts of the city and I worry that my bright car might be too flashy for this area.

I park the Cadillac behind the building itself to hide it from the street and I click the door shut to make sure I don't wake any of the neighbors. There are no other cars here, but I doubt the people I'm meeting will even need them to get around.

The front door is unlocked when I push to open it. The squeak of the hinges halts the low voices coming from inside.

"Who's there?" I hear Tia call out.

I step into the room with ease, despite the spells that should have prevented anyone else from entering. There are purposely no lights on in the front corridor, but I can see lanterns lit down the hall where she must be.

"Stand down, my friends," I ease, "it's just me."

As I walk down the corridor towards them, I hear the shuffling of footsteps and Tia appears in the doorway. It's dark, but she still runs to me and throws her arms up for a hug.

"Okay, okay! Ouch, love, that kind of hurts a lot." I complain jokingly as she unintentionally presses against the cut in my arm.

She pulls away quickly and grabs my hand to bring me into the light of the room, "Oh, you weren't kidding. Look at you!"

Tia cups the side of my face that is all bruised from Mikael's mighty slap. I wince when she runs her fingers over my wrists as she hums a spell. They fade quickly, as does the gash and the heat of pain from my face.

"Mm, I have missed you." I confess, peeling the bandages from my arm to find that she has completely healed it.

Tia smiles, her South African accent growing thick as she's overwhelmed with excitement. The same cannot be said for the other woman who sits on the opposite side of the room.

"We're moving along smoothly, Clara." Tia assures me, "Georgina expects to have some results on the spell sometime in the next few months."

"Really?" I exclaim, turning to the woman in question, "Is this true, Georgina?"

The heavy, middle aged woman sits on a stool a few feet away from us. Her annoyed expression doesn't change when she meets my eyes, and I try not to take offense to it for her sake.

"As true as you lying to us about being involved with a Mikaelson. I knew partnering with you would bring that original nonsense all up into our city. You're lucky we haven't stopped since we heard the rumors that you're the Claramay."

Her tone is hostile from the second she starts talking to the moment where she hisses my name. I narrow my eyes at her and take a step forward.

"You will be careful how you speak to me, Georgina. I appreciate your friendship and your help, but I will not tolerate threats to end our mission here." I warn her.

Tia sets a hand on my arm, "I wouldn't worry about her. It's been a long day and we were just packing up to go."

I nod in understanding and turn to the young woman beside me. Her dark skin shimmers with sweat and the skin around her golden eyes are surrounded by a circle of shadows. I gently push a curly strand of hair behind her ear and smile kindly at her.

"Actually, Tia, I need to ask you one more favor while you're here." I explain, "The plan was to just stop by to check on your progress, but I could also use your help to resurface my magic. I'm having trouble accessing it right now."

Georgina butts in instantly, "And you don't have another witch who can do it? We're tired, Clara."

Tia turns to the woman and gives her an annoyed look, "Speak for yourself. Considering what she's doing for us, I don't mind at all. You can go home, Georgina. Take your attitude with you."

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