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I have a difficult time staying quiet through the drive back to Mystic Falls. Adalynn makes casual conversation with me whenever she senses my anger spike, but even she has a difficult time calming the rage inside of me.

The fury I hold towards Finn is beyond the murder of my sweet friend now. With every thought, a new reason to despise him comes to mind and I have to bite my tongue to keep from spelling him out of existence. Klaus understands overwhelming emotions and impulsivity more than anyone, which is probably why he let Adalynn sit in the front next to me.

Our arrival to the Mikaelson mansion could not have come soon enough. Klaus quickly forces Finn from the car before I'm even in park so that Rebekah can take control of her deranged brother from the driveway.

"Thank you for being prompt." Klaus mumbles to his sister, but I shut the engine off just in time to hear it.

He avoids my irritated gaze as I offer Adalynn a hand from the vehicle. I feel myself instantly calmed by her touch and I suddenly regret not treating her first few hours back to the living with more celebration.

The spell to tether Finn's body to mine wore off in the car without him knowing, so he's probably quite surprised when Klaus and Rebekah successfully throw him into the grand entrance without any problem from me. I'm sure he would have enjoyed my anguish, but I will never give him the pleasure.

"Get his blood. Adalynn will do the spell to unlink us all." I demand rather coldly.

"You can't force me to help you." Finn claims.

Klaus bends down to his level and smirks, "Oh, she definitely can, but why force when I can persuade?"

All of our eyes follow his gesture towards the staircase. A rather eager woman descends towards Finn who responds by running towards her. It's a happy reunion, but my magic is bubbling to use this against him.

"I would have rather forced it from him, Niklaus," I grumble under my breath.

"Patience, Claramay."

Adalynn squeezes my hand and pulls me in the opposite direction of all the Mikaelson's. Klaus looks like he wants to follow but is obviously uncertain about my company.

Almost as if she knows exactly where it is, Adalynn leads me to the kitchen area down the hall. She sits on the island stools as I fiddle through the cupboards for something to eat.

Adalynn breaks the silence within minutes of sitting down, "If you need to talk, I'd be happy to listen."

"That is unnecessary, but I appreciate the thought," I smile at her as I stir the pancake mix I have found and prepare the griddle.

She doesn't seem to take the hint, "Not just about what happened earlier, but about anything. Esther... Klaus... Alaric...?"

I grimace at the list of names, but quickly hide my expression when Klaus appears in the doorway. He leans against the frame, watching me carefully.

"I feel like a science experiment gone wrong," I mutter, flipping the first pancake.

They think I'm going to blow up, which is valid as I have many pent-up emotions inside of me for a handful of different reasons. First and foremost, I want Finn taken care of and punished. Is that too much to ask?

Both of the pancakes I make are too burnt to eat so I don't even bother putting them on a plate. Getting out the mix once again, I am interrupted by Klaus who reappears beside me to make them for me.

Adalynn lets out a short giggle when she has the two of us in her sight. Her eyes are glossy and face concentrated as she picks apart our auras.

"Not helping," I groan in her direction. "Be polite, I taught you better."

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