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"Quiet, Clara," Klaus insists, holding up a finger. He hesitates, debating what to say. Finally, he hangs his head, "I already knew."

Rebekah looks between us. Her astonishment sits on her face. "Our brother, Nik. How could you—"

"I know," he screams, turning away from us. "I know."

"You just can't help yourself," she hisses. "Do you know why you always ruin my chances at happiness, Nik? Why you won't allow me true love? Because you will never have it for yourself!"

"Rebekah—" I try, but she's quick to talk over me.

"Whatever. You just want the cure for Elena so you can go back to making your hybrids," she snaps. "Well, you can shove your cure."

She storms out. I debate following her, but it doesn't make any sense. The two of us will just keep going in circles between love and hate once again, but I'm about ready to just give it all up.

And then, there's Klaus.

He avoids my eyes, but I guess it's fair to say that I'm doing the same. Instead of sticking around to hear Stefan's reaction to our family drama, I set down my drink and leave the room.


I don't stop. My feet carry me down the hall, past the room where the hunter is being kept, and out the front door.

The night air is crisp and comfortable against my bare skin. My heart beats loudly in my ears as I continue down the brick driveway. I almost expect to hear footsteps following behind me, but they don't come.

That's for the better, I guess. Like Klaus, I have been known to do some terrible things out of frustration. Not to the extent of killing humans, of course, but there have been moments of regret after my anger flares. Especially with people I care about.

Much good caring does me though. I remember killing Finn, clear as day, but somehow, it still feels like a dream. Do I regret it? I can't even begin to find a reason to. Tia died at the hands of Niklaus's least favorite brother, and I will hate him forever for it.

Though, I'm not sure if I can accept a world without Klaus. Again. Even when we were separated by my death, I had to know where the Mikaelson's were for more reasons than simply avoiding their path. My love for him is ancient, but rebuilding every single day.

Then again, it's quite possible that I just ruined all of our progress.

But the people we are now are not the people we were then. I keep forgetting that. Admittedly, we fight much more now over the matter of my protection, which is strange since we didn't know I was immortal all those years ago. That little detail doesn't matter, I guess. My death was traumatic enough the first time.

I've stopped walking, though I'm not sure where I am. I just followed the sidewalk in a different direction than I've ever gone, so there's a way back if I need it.

If. Nothing is keeping me from leaving right now. My daughter is capable enough on her own to meet up with me later.

If only I could find the will to leave.

I can't help it. The cool night air is too silent and vast to keep me from doing it. I scream out in frustration at the stars.

Trees on both sides of the road stare back at me. There were houses about a block back, but there is no one else around that I could be bothering.

So, I scream again.

I drop to my knees. Rebekah's words echo in my ears, and I yell louder to get them out.

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