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"Where did she go?!" Kol growls, tearing through the pentagram now that Esther's spell has worn off.

In the distance, two figures emerge from an old white house. Klaus's face hardens when he recognizes them, and he helps me to my feet in an instant. Even after I tell him I'm alright, he remains stuck to my side in defense against the oncoming supernaturals. If my magic hadn't read their auras as vampires from so far away, I probably would have prepared myself for a fight, but it's not anyone I have to fear.

"Stand down, guard dog, it's just us." Damon's sarcastic voice radiates through the night when he sees Klaus clinging to me.

"Last I heard, Rebekah is still with Elena," Klaus muses in response. "Let me just warn you in advance, it's much harder to take an immortal witch hostage."

"That won't be necessary, Niklaus. Elena is free to go," Elijah interjects.

Elijah pulls his phone from his pocket and undoubtedly sends a text to Rebekah. Stefan disappears from Damon's side when he tells him where the doppelgänger is being kept, but the older Salvatore stays for a moment.

"I'm assuming your mother got away?" He asks, his question for Elijah.

"It seems she did," the original confirms. "Our eldest brother, Finn, too."

"Both are cowards," Kol interjects, "it shouldn't take long to track them down and end this."

Damon looks at the pentagram that litters the grass in contempt, "If or when you do, I would appreciate if you left Elena out of this. Clara is enough reason to keep you all alive, for now."

It makes me a little angry that Elijah told him about me being linked to them, even when I made him promise not to. I guess he wasn't sure if Damon had enough of a reason to get on our side, even though it's impossible to think he wouldn't protect that boring brunette with everything he has.

Elijah nods, "Understood."

After one last look to me, Damon finally disappears. Even though she was his brother's girl, he can't help how he feels about her. If it was me, I would pair her and Damon over her and Stefan in an instant, but it's not my choice. Elena needs to figure this out for herself, hopefully both boys will have the strength to let her.

Elijah and Kol become a flash of nothing when they both leave the clearing. I don't realize how hot and sweaty I am until the puffs of wind they create in departure hit against my cheek unexpectedly. It seems that whatever happened just before Esther lost control of the spell had an effect on me as well.

With no one around, Klaus lets go of me, but he doesn't back away. Instead, he assists in tugging his jacket off from around my shoulders.

"You are an ongoing mess," he mutters.

"Your family has that effect on me," I chuckle for a second before growing serious. "The only thing that really upsets me now is your mother. We are still linked, Nik. If someone kills me, you all will die."

Klaus nods once in understanding. Me dying is still a touchy subject after the events of tonight. If I didn't have my magic back by now, I would have surly died in an instant when the dagger struck. Who knows if I would have been resurrected without my power?

"No one is ever going to hurt you." Klaus assures and I roll my eyes, "Claramay, be serious for a moment."

His face reads determination, but his eyes are drowning in fear. I lift my hand to cup his cheek and he instinctively leans into it.

"Niklaus," I whisper, "I'm going to be alright. I can protect myself, and my family, which has always included you and your siblings. Please, trust that I won't let anything happen to any of us even when I'm gone."

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