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Klaus is still there when I wake up. Time has passed, drastically I'd guess, based on how the parlor is much darker now in the night, but the calm glow of the fireplace keeps it bright enough to see.

"Hey," I blink, meeting his eyes as soon as I open mine, "how long was I out?"

"Feels like forever," Rebekah interrupts before he can answer.

I was right in assuming that Klaus put me on the couch. Rebekah, who must have arrived when I was recuperating, sits directly across from us. Her blue eyes pierce into mine as she examines me nonchalantly. If I didn't know better, I would think that she might actually be concerned for me.

"It was only a few hours," Klaus corrects her, shooting his sister an annoyed look before returning a kind gaze to me. "Are you alright, love?"

With his question, I examine myself the best I can. Physically, I am completely healed of whatever Not-Alaric did to me. For a situation like that though, my physical injuries are not really the concern.

He did something to me when I was in there, I know it for a fact. My magic is the one that senses it—like it's a stranger who is out of place amongst the regulars. Though, no matter how hard I try to figure it out, I just can't seem to pinpoint it.

"I'm completely fine," the lie emerges from my mouth simply and quickly.

My magic protects the skip in my heartbeat that would give me away. Klaus should know better, but I never used to lie to him about anything. Lately, that has not been entirely true. If I told him about my worries that Evil-Alaric meddled with my power, then he would be consumed with anger towards my defenseless and innocent friend instead of the real culprit.

Speaking of, that may already be the case.

I shoot up from where I was laying as soon as the thought crosses my mine. Klaus found me here helping Alaric after our moment yesterday. This isn't the first time something like this has happened between us, but both are not at all what he thinks.

"What happened to Alaric?" I question.

Klaus glances to the hallway suspiciously, which only grows my concern. I go to stand, but he blocks me from moving by putting his strong hands on my arms.

"He's not himself right now," he warns me. "You can see him when I'm sure he's not a threat."

"Do not assume I am weak and in need of protecting, Niklaus."

He smirks at this, but I'm not joking with him. I know he enjoys the powerful side of me, I feel the same with him, but only when it is used appropriately.

"He killed Alaric, but when that didn't work, Stefan tortured him out of hiding. We are just waiting for the location of the last stake... any second now," Rebekah bats her eyelashes innocently as if what she just said didn't shatter my heart.

My gaze falls to Klaus, who is avoiding mine at all costs. My voice is hollow, upset, "You killed him?"

Not only did he leave me when he said he wouldn't, but he also allowed unspeakable acts to be done to someone I care about. Again, for that matter.

I push past him to stand now and he doesn't try to stop me. I want to go see Alaric, but if what Klaus says is the truth, then he is the evil version of himself right now, and I don't have the stamina to go for round two with him just yet.

Pouring myself a drink at the dry bar, I allow for the distance between myself and the Originals before me to grow. Rebekah is relentless in her attempts to show me that she doesn't care about what happens, which just means that she's feeling extra spiteful today. It's strange, though... I thought we were at least being civil.

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