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I poke Elena with my umbrella repeatedly as she flips through one of Stefan's old journals. She ignores me and continues reading, obviously not as overwhelmed with boredom as I am.

"Damn," I sigh, knowing she can hear the obnoxious tone in my voice. "Katerina would have had my head by now."

She flips to the next page, but not bothering to look up, "I'm not Katherine."

I roll my eyes, "No, duh."

The matured apartment walls feel so suffocatingly close now that I am choosing not to leave them. There is a stale scent of dust and aging in the air that I doubt the human, Elena, would be able to pick up, but I feel it right under my nose.

I search my thoughts for a memory of this place, just in case I may have missed it. Then, when that fails, I try to uncover any of the magical influences that may have happened here.

Breaking my silence, Elena's curious voice interrupts my thoughts, "What are you doing?"

I release a held sigh and drop the arm I hadn't realized I'd extended. When I turn to see Elena's watching eyes, I instead find her shimmering softly.

"Scanning for magic in the apartment. I guess you're the only supernatural-related thing within these walls. Besides myself of course. " I reply, smiling slightly to myself.

She may not have been able to see the beautiful silver shimmers of a human doppelgänger, but I definitely could. The last time I saw anything like this was when I met the human Katerina centuries ago. It's a fond memory, but not one I want to get swept into like in the alley earlier.

In a blink, the spell vanishes. Elena, who looks as though she wants to ask me a billion questions, has the journal laid flimsily in her lap.

With a thought, the book comes flying into my ready hands. Before she can argue, I begin reading where she left off. "April 1922. Lexi found me last night. Dragged me off the train tracks. Thinks she can make me care again."

"Hey!" She reacts, reaching for the book, "Those aren't yours to read."

I continue anyway, easily dodging her reaches until she finally gives up and sits back to listen. "June 1924. Lexi's driving me crazy. More animal blood, more misery."

I stop for a second to glance up after reading this tortured entry. I remember this period of his life. Damon wasn't exactly involved with his brother at this point, but he kept his distance to make sure he was alright. By then, Damon and I had gone separate ways, but we have stayed in close touch over the decades either way, so I knew of Stefan's struggles here.

Shaking my head, I set the book open in my lap and meet the brunette's longing eyes, "Lexi was a major buzzkill for Damon. If it makes you feel better, I've seen what happens to the people she takes on; they're never able to stay straight."

Elena angles her gaze back down to the journal. Her look is sincere and sorrowful, "Lexi was Stefan's other half, she helped him in ways I'll never be able to."

I nod. I had never had any direct contact with Lexi, but we crossed paths over the years. She was always so special and true to her human self—something I could never understand. I guess one could say that I was always a bit jealous of her beauty and grace when it came to being a vampire. To hear that she died, by Damon's hand... I shouldn't finish that thought.

The time before my magic, I have no recollection of. For years, I let my magic guide me and show me how to live in a quickly developing world. Soon after I knew that this world would age without me and my magic was more controlling than it was helpful. I guess you could say that Stefan and I are similar in that way, not that that would help Elena feel any better about him or her current company.

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