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Trigger Warning - Themes of rape and PTSD are discussed in this chapter. The occurrences are summarized and non-descriptive.

While Klaus and I are out of town, Rebekah will be staying behind to locate the white oak tree that hopefully still resides in Mystic Falls. It doesn't take much to convince her to stay, but neither me nor Klaus reveal to her the true nature of our trip.

With my Cadillac all packed and ready, we start on our journey to Detroit before the sun begins to rise. I'm tired, but the adrenaline of seeing my sweet girl again is keeping me awake, so I'm the one to drive first. Klaus doesn't seem to mind either way.

"You know, you look a lot different," he says a few hours in.

We've been talking a bit and he's held my hand the whole way. It seems to comfort him, so I don't complain.

"Do I?" I wonder, trying to picture myself back when he knew me. "Is that a bad thing?"

He licks his lips and looks down at our hands, "You always look lovely to me, Clara."

I try to hide the red that covers my cheeks, but that is difficult to do while driving a car. Klaus chuckles to himself when he notices.

"The way you speak now is very strange to me as well," he states. "Your accent is sharp, but you sound... of this time."

"Thank you, I have to work very hard on that every decade. It was so easy for us back then; nothing was changing as quickly as it does now."

"Yes, I have to agree."

I yawn and look at the clock. It's eight in the morning now which means we have another two hours before we get there. I drive relatively fast, but it still feels like we've been in the car for forever. Klaus isn't bothered at all—he can go without sleep much longer than I can.

After another thirty minutes passes, I stop at a rest station to switch places with him. My eyes started drooping more than I would have liked them to, so I figured it was bound time I give up my position as the driver.

"Sleep, sweetheart," Klaus insists when we're on the road again. "I'll wake you when we are closer."

I appreciate him coming with me now, not because I can rest, but because I feel safe doing so. He reaches his hand to mine and I weave our fingers through it expertly. I understand why it means so much to him now.

Closing my eyes, my thoughts are littered with randomness that prevents me from finding sleep. The magic inside of me flutters in remembrance and I brace myself for the dream of a memory that will inevitably overtake me.

The market was just bustling with people that day. It was mid-Spring, and the sun had been shining excitedly down on us since it had risen that morning.

"I was surprised when you asked me to accompany you here," Elijah smiled, his arm clasped with mine. "Niklaus would not be pleased."

"I suppose I have been rather lonely with Nik gone the last few days. Do not worry, Elijah," I hummed confidently.

I guess I assured him with true knowledge that Niklaus would not be upset by my choice in companionship. At this point in our relationship, Nik knew I would only ever want him as my second half, always and forever.

From behind us, someone had called Elijah's name. With a glance, I recognized the man as one of the diplomats our family had met with when we first settled here. His personality was unflattering towards woman and the crew he travelled with acted just the same. For my protection and to avoid a squabble, both Niklaus and Elijah never associated with him while Rebekah and I were around.

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