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"You want to go to a high school dance? With, like, actual teenagers?"

Adalynn holds the dress up against her clothes as she looks in the mirror, "Yes, of course I do."

Laying my head against my pillow, I try to make myself comfortable as she worries over what to wear. Obviously, I do not share the same enthusiasm, but it makes me feel happy to see that she is excited for something.

Also, I'm feeling a little guilty. I've been neglectful recently, as a mom and as the only person Adalynn knows in this time. There really has been a ton of drama since she's come back and I'm scared to death that I will lose her if we get too closely involved.

"How did you even hear about it anyway?" I wonder aloud.

"Rebekah told me. She said it will be themed like the 1920's, which I never got to see, so I thought it would be fun to go." She pauses, her expression changing slightly, "Unless you need me to stay here?"

"Nonsense, we will all be going," Klaus announces as he appears in the doorway.

I notice he doesn't look at Adalynn at all, but rather his gaze is stuck to me. Concern sits in his eyes, even though I cannot begin to understand why.

"We are?"

"We are," he confirms, "Rebekah's orders."

Adalynn's smile grows immensely as she throws one of the bright dresses in my direction. I catch it easily and stand up so that I can put it on. The sweatshirt and leggings I had on disappear in the same second that the dress hits my skin. Nothing shows, but it's not like Klaus hasn't seen me naked before.

I'm instantly itchy as the cloth is far too thin to keep away the uncomfortable teal sequins. Adalynn, on the other hand, looks beyond impressed as I step in front of the mirror to see for myself, so I pretend that it doesn't bother me.

"We'll need someone to do your hair, I haven't a clue how to style it," she mumbles, curling my dark strands between her fingers. "Is Rebekah still here?"

Klaus answers before I can, "She's readying the gym, or something."

His explanation is exactly right, considering what I heard. She left the same time I arrived this morning, but the hurriedness in her steps were quite off for a vampire with super speed. I highly doubt she was late, knowing her, though the excuse flowed from her lips as a goodbye before she rushed out the door.

The ceiling lights hit the blue sequins just right so that they reflect onto the tile floor. It's extravagant and definitely not something I would have worn in the 1920's as I did my best to blend in rather than draw attention to myself. At the time, I had been hiding from the Mikaelson family, hanging out with Damon and mourning my daughter, which meant that it wasn't always all fun and games.

I guess that's the difference between me and vampires. I live like a human because, technically, I do still emotionally and physically feel like one. It's been a tortured life of watching people I care about die and wishing death upon myself, but it has indeed been a life. All I want is for my daughter to experience the same.

"I've got it..." I hum as I twist my hair into the clipped style that I used to wear back then.

I do a similar thing with Adalynn's hair, but I choose to add a braid to hers that makes it a bit more elegant. Her dark waves are similar to mine so it's easy to place them with my centuries of experience.

"I'll let you two get ready then," Klaus says after a while of no acknowledgement.

I finish with Adalynn as soon as he disappears from my doorway. She begins her makeup straight away, so I quickly excuse myself while she's busy.

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