Chapter (2): Buying a set of clothes at Ghost City

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The next morning, the three had some mentou for breakfast. Xie Lian was counting the money he had with a gloom on his face. 'I really spent too much yesterday. I'll need to find some more before I can buy A-Ying a new set of clothes' he thought to himself.

After counting, Xie Lian prepares to set out to go scrap-collecting. Hua Cheng and Wei Ying were sweeping fallen leaves. They were doing chores around the house. When Wei Ying saw that Xie Lian was about to leave, he ran after him.

Wei Ying : "Baba, where are you going?"

Xie Lian : "Oh, A-Ying! I'm just going to go out, collect some scrap and find some money."

Wei Ying : "Can I go with you? Pleasee??"

Wei Ying loved that he now had a home to stay, but more so he loved to stay around Xie Lian. Moreover, he didn't want to stay home with Hua Cheng. The guy seems friendly but was scary sometimes.

Xie Lian wasn't sure he should bring A-Ying along; Xie Lian was an immortal so he had great stamina and thus he can go around a lot in just a couple of hours. But A-Ying was just a child, he would not be able to keep up. Besides, Xie Lian wanted A-Ying to just rest at home for the day. Just when he was pondering over how to talk Wei Ying into staying at home, Hua Cheng came and grabbed Wei Ying by the robe.

Hua Cheng : "Come on, don't trouble your Baba too much. You can stay home and clean the house together with your A-die."

Wei Ying : "Ahhh! No! I don't want to. I want to be with Baba!"

Hua Cheng : "Come on now, the works aren't gonna be done on their own." Saying so, Hua Cheng dragged Wei Ying back into the shrine.

Xie Lian : "Don't work too much, alright? Rest up if you're tired!"

Xie Lian let out a soft sigh as he watched them go. If Hua Cheng wasn't here, he would have had to bring Wei Ying on his scrap collecting journey. It would be very tiring for Wei Ying. But since Hua Cheng is here, Xie Lian could trust Wei Ying in Hua Cheng's hands. Xie Lian smiled to himself a bit at the thought that he felt like he was going out to support the family while his family was waiting and cleaning the home. It was like a real family with a couple and a child. As soon as he thought of the word 'couple', Xie Lian became quickly red and his heart started to beat rapidly too. He fanned himself as he quickly set aside the thought and rushed out, wishing no one saw his embarrassing state a while ago.

Back in the shrine, Wei Ying was pouting as he swept the floor. Because his arrival yesterday was sudden and things happened quickly, he didn't have the chance to look around the shrine. When he did look carefully, behind three lit incense sticks which were slowly emitting three small hazy screens of smoke, he saw a beautiful stunning painting of a handsome man on the wall. The beautiful man was wearing a golden mask and holding a sword in one hand and a flower on the other. And his attire was breathtaking that it lifted the beauty of the painting even more. While gazing the astonishing painting with gleam in his eyes, Wei Ying asked, "A-die, who's the person in the painting?"

Hua Cheng : "Don't you know yet after looking so close? That's your Baba."

Wei Ying : "Really?? Ah! I- I just didn't realize because he's wearing a mask in the painting!"

Hua Cheng : "Hahah, you sure know how to talk."

Wei Ying : "Is it really Baba?"

Hua Cheng : "Yea, it is. What do you think? Is your Baba beautiful?"

Wei Ying : "Omm Omm. Baba is very beautiful! But how is Baba's painting hung up in the shrine?"

Hua Cheng : "omm.., it's because your Baba is the god that this shrine is dedicated to."

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