Chapter (25): In Laws

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Wei Ying, "That's because she's my sister!"

Pei Ming raised his eyebrows after hearing Wei Ying's shout. Then he looked at Xie Lian, as if he was asking if it was true.

Xie Lian, "That is true. Banyue is my daughter. I'll be attending her wedding as her father."

Pei Ming, "I thought she was just a little girl but she turned out to be Your Highness's daughter... who's the mother by the way?"

Hua Cheng, "She's adopted."

Xie Lian, "But I regard her as my own."

Pei Ming, "Right..."

Xie Lian softly coughed, "Ahem, anyway. General Pei, I think you should have a talk with General Pei Junior before deciding on anything."

Pei Ming, "What good would talking do? That guy's dead stubborn."

Hua Cheng, "Then you already know he won't give up that easily. If you're really doing this for his own good, then you shouldn't hinder their marriage without giving them a chance."

Yushi Huang, "General Pei, you already know of Little Pei's character. I have seen him for the past three years. He is not someone who would rashly make mistakes like before. Do give him a chance to talk to you."

Shi Qingxuan, "Yeah, General Pei, you definitely should give him a chance. Or I will tell Big Brother that you're meddling in Little Pei's affairs again."

Hearing requests from everyone, Pei Ming had to nod his head even though he was a bit unwilling. "Fine. I'll talk to him."

Saying so, he left the cottage leaving the rest behind. Xie Lian sighed after finally getting Pei Ming to think it over. He wondered if the marriage of Pei Su and Banyue was going downhill because of him... It was him that offended General Pei by exposing Pei Su's misdeeds and quickening his demotion... Thinking like that, Xie Lian couldn't help but let out another sigh.

Hua Cheng, "Gege, don't worry. The wedding will go as planned." He said so while offering Xie Lian a new cup of tea from which a mild, fragrant aroma was coming.

Shi Qingxuan, "That's right. Little Pei is not someone who will give up easily. If he's given a chance, he will definitely work it out. Right, Queen Yushi?"

Yushi Huang, "That's true."

Xie Lian smiled, "Thank you everyone, for helping General Pei change his mind."

Shi Qingxuan, "Aiyah. Your Highness, nobody wanted to follow that old General's whims either. We all want Little Pei and Young Lady Banyue to have a happy wedding. Because he is Little Pei's ancestor and the wedding will be complete only with his blessings that he's able to be here. Or else, I would have kicked him out long ago for saying things like objecting to the marriage."

Xie Lian laughed softly at Shi Qingxuan's remark. "I think General Pei is talking to Pei Su now. I should go check up on A-Yue."

Shi Qingxuan, "Wait, Wait, Wait." Shi Qingxuan flicked his fan and within a strong gust of wind, he changed into his female form.

She then said, "I'll go look for her. I have a present for her, you see." Then without giving Xie Lian to reply, Shi Qingxuan left to search for Banyue. After that people left the cottage one by one.

Wei Ying, "Baba, what are we going to do now?"

Xie Lian, "I think I'll continue decorating the sedan with San Lang. What does A-Ying want to do?"

Wei Ying, "I wanna play and spar..."

Xie Lian, "Alright. Xiu Li and Xiu Si should be around. Ask them to play with you."

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