Chapter (13): A trip to Qiandeng temple - Part two

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The two walked for a while. Wei Ying wasn't walking since he was simply being carried by his A-die. And after making a turn at a point, the sight before opened up to a broad horizon; a bedazzling, transcendent temple quietly appeared before their eyes.

In an instant, both Xie Lian and Wei Ying's breathing stopped.

All around was the smoky dark and vivid crimson scenery of the ghost realm, yet surrounded by such an ominous backdrop stood that temple; beautiful beyond words, its thousands of lights enchanting, like that of paradise.

That a temple with brilliance and enlightenment as its core would sit within the rowdy, chaotic pandemonium the likes of Ghost City, it was opposingly conspicuous, yet awe-inspiring. The moment it had been seen, it would leave an inerasable deep impression.

Wei Ying exclaimed with pure amazement in his eyes, "WOWW!!!"

It took a while before Xie Lian could speak. 

"... This..."

The three stood before the temple; Xie Lian and Wei Ying were watching in wonder. Xie Lian had expected a grand temple when Hua Cheng said he was the one who set up the temple, but he did not expect such a magnificent temple. He had underestimated the Supreme Ghost King when he said he set this up on a whim.

Hua Cheng lifted his head slightly with a smile, "How is it Gege? Do you like it?"

Xie Lian was admiring the magnificent 'Qiandeng' temple, "This temple is gloriously magnificent, the artistry and craftsmanship in its build is divine; it couldn't have been constructed in mere days. San Lang, you didn't just build this recently, did you?"

Hua Cheng smiled, "Of course not. Gege has a good eye; this was built a long time ago. I never found a use for it, so I had it hidden, and there's been no one who has been allowed in before. I'll have to thank Gege for finally giving it a purpose, and have it see the light of day."

Hearing this, Xie Lian let out a breath of relief.

If it was built a long time ago but never had a use, and had other intent at the beginning, then it was only adopted out of convenience. If Hua Cheng really had constructed a temple just for him, he would feel even more uncomfortable. Of course, with Hua Cheng's personality, it could very well have been built out of pure entertainment. Although Xie Lian was really curious as to why Hua Cheng would construct a building that was so completely different from the rest of the Ghost City, still, Xie Lian held back the impulse to ask. It wasn't a good habit to pry too much; who knows if one was to stop on a mine?

Wei Ying, "Did A-die build this?"

Hua Cheng, "Yep. What do you think?"

Wei Ying, " really amazing."

Wei Ying had been seeing only wonders since he had started living with his two fathers. At this point, he didn't even feel that surprised to see wonders that normal humans would never have a chance to see even in a thousand years.

Hua Cheng smiled, "Want to go in and take a look?"

Wei Ying and Xie Lian both answered cheerfully, "Of course!!"

Side by side, Hua Cheng and Xie Lian entered the temple leisurely, strolling through the path paved by jaded stones. Hua Cheng was still carrying Wei Ying in his arms. Looking around, the interior of the temple was wide and open, but it didn't have a divine statue, nor cushions used for worshippers to kneel.

Hua Cheng spoke up, "This was built in a hurry, so if there's anything amiss, pray Gege won't mind."

Xie Lian grinned, "Not at all. I think this is very nice. Very, very nice. It's good that there isn't an idol or any cushions, best if there won't ever be any. But, how come there's no establishment plaque either?"

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