Chapter (5): The traveling cultivator, The crown prince

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Wei Ying was still enjoying the magnificent manor. He loved playing around the enormous building. And he was friends with the maids and servants too. He was a bit hesitant when he was told they are going to leave. But Wei Ying had the thought process of an adult, he didn't dare act spoiled, he didn't dare whine. Wei Ying also loved being with Xie Lian too. So with a grin he agreed.

Hua Cheng : "Why are you acting so sad? I'll be visiting you and you could come over whenever you want anyway."

Wei Ying : "Really??"

Hua Cheng : "Really. This is your home too. I'm your A-die. Remember?"

Wei Ying grinned happily after hearing that. Hua Cheng was smiling mischievously too. Xie Lian alone urged them to eat, unknowing of the fact that Hua Cheng was enjoying his little red ears.

After their lunch, Hua Cheng opened the teleportation spell with his dice and sent Xie Lian and Wei Ying directly to the Puqi shrine. He also gifted them many fruits and snacks to eat too. Xie Lian accepted happily; there's no need to decline free food.

Hua Cheng didn't follow them immediately. So for the next few days, Xie Lian and Wei Ying lived together in the Puqi shrine helping each other out. Xie Lian also brought him along on his scrap-collecting journey. About a week later, Hua Cheng came to the Puqi shrine holding a roasted chicken.

For the next six months, they continued living as such. Xie Lian acquired some writing utensils so he had been teaching Wei Ying how to read and write, while Hua Cheng continued to teach him how to paint Xie Lian's portraits.

During this six months, Wei Ying had been eating a lot, moving a lot and having a lot of fun. His past self, which was unkempt and little due to malnutrition, was nowhere to be seen. A cute eight-year-old cotton ball of endless energy was now running around Puqi village.

Wei Ying had sky blue eyes which accompanied his cherry white skin. He had grown taller and his hair which used to be a mess was now combed and tied up neatly with a red ribbon, well almost neatly; a few strands of his bouncy front hair falls naturally on his face, giving off the vibe of a bouncy cotton ball. He would play around Puqi village in his free time, and would help with the house's chores when Hua Cheng came dragging him back. His days were as peaceful as they could be.

One day, a visitor arrived at their house just when Hua Cheng was out shopping for groceries. A lady dressed in green-white robes and sparkling accessories, with a folded fan in her hands, arrived at the Puqi shrine. Her long soft hair was beautifully tied up in a noble manner, and her gentle features showed how beautiful she was. She wore a happy smile on her face and she seemed to be accompanied by flowers and birds in every step she takes. Truly, like a princess out of a Disney movie.

Xie Lian was organizing his scraps in the back with Wei Ying when he heard the footsteps. So when he came to the front to greet the visitor and saw the lady, he was surprised.

Xie Lian : "Lord Wind Master. Welcome to Puqi shrine. How come you've arrived to this place?"

Shi Qingxuan : "Ahh! Your Highness, I came on a whim. Nothing really important. Oh, who is the little one over here?"

Xie Lian : "This is Wei Ying. Due to certain circumstances, I'm taking care of him for now. A-Ying, this ...person here is Lord Wind Master, Shi Qingxuan. She is a friend of mine."

Shi Qingxuan : "Oh myy! Such a lovely kid! Hello, my name is Shi Qingxuan. You can call me Qing-ayi. Can I call you A-Ying like his highness does?"

Wei Ying : "Of course! Nice to meet you, Qing-ayi. I'm A-Ying. Hehehe."

No doubt, Lord Wind Master is someone who can get along with just anyone. She has a knack for communicating with people. And Wei Ying definitely shares some resemblance to her in that aspect, since Xie Lian had seen Wei Ying befriend everyone in Paradise Manor and Puqi village in the past seven months. You could feel that those two were already getting along in just a glance.

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