Chapter (41): Protect the Ghost King

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"I'm here. What's going on, everyone?"

Xie Lian asked leisurely. There was the large group of cultivators and a smaller group of villagers who came out of their concern for Xie Lian. One of the villagers asked while trembling,

"Daozhang, these eminent monks and cultivators all say that in your house, there's a ...a ...ghost..."

Xie Lian smiled, "Eh? You can tell?"

"What a fast admittance!"

Xie Lian nodded, "That is true. It's a vicious ghost robe, which I stumbled upon the other day. I plan to travel a far distance to have it sealed in a few days. So there is no need for my fellow tradesmans to worry about."

"Don't play pretend, my friend. A monster far more malicious than some robe you picked up somewhere is now hiding in your house. You know exactly what we're here for."

A luxuriously-dressed cultivator raised his voice using spiritual energy and coerced Xie Lian. Even the other cultivators around flinched a bit hearing his voice. Xie Lian's smile didn't falter while listening to this luxuriously-dressed cultivator. Hearing the voice, he also knew this man wasn't weak; definitely someone who had cultivated arduously for years, and someone considerable.

A number of monks said to the luxuriously-dressed cultivator, "Dao-xiong, this cultivator looks to be bursting with the essence of evil from his body, could he maybe be..."
That luxuriously-dressed cultivator said, "Whether he is or not, I, Heaven's Eye, can tell with but a look!"
Then, he gave a loud shout, bit his finger, and drew a line on his forehead; a seeming third eye grew on his face. Seeing his skill, Xie Lian also praised mentally, and he leaned against the door, admiring his performance. That luxuriously-dressed cultivator glared, and stared at him intently for a moment.

"I knew it... there's the essence of evil! SUCH A HEAVY ESSENCE OF EVIL!!! GHOST KING! YOU DID CHANGE FACE AFTER ALL!"

Xie Lian was stunned.
How could he, an esteemed, titled heavenly official, have the essence of evil on him? He was just thinking this man might have some skill, but how did he turn around and start spewing nonsense so quickly?

Hearing him, the sixty to seventy masters in the gathering all looked like they were about to face a great enemy, and each of them struck their fighting stance.

Hua Cheng said to Xie Lian in the private communication array, "Those people are so annoying."
"It's fine. It's alright. You just sit," Xie Lian replied.

A moment later, that luxuriously-dressed cultivator spoke up again, but in a confused tone, "...That's not right?"
The monks next to him asked, "What's not right?"
That luxuriously-dressed cultivator rubbed that blood mark on his forehead. "This is weird. I'm looking at this man, but he's sometimes covered in that essence of evil, sometimes glowing with spiritual light, and sometimes dim and listless... this is really weird."

"Huh? How can that be? Dao-xiong, can you really do this? If you can't, let us handle this."
"Yeah, how can he be that strange?"

That luxuriously-dresed cultivator said angrily, "What? Think I can't do this? If I can't, you think you can? I, Heaven's Eye, have been running in the trade for so many years, and I've rarely gotten anything wrong!"

Xie Lian rubbed his forehead, shook his head, and asked gently, "Then, why don't you take a look and tell me which part of me has the strongest essence of evil?"
Heaven's Eye rubbed his forehead hard, and after looking again for a moment, he exclaimed firmly, "YOUR LIPS!"


"That's right, it's your lips!"
Heaven's Eye proclaimed this with such certainty, yet all the monks and cultivators were perplexed.

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