Chapter (14): Spicy stir-fried noodles

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"Hey, have you heard? The cultivator daozhang who was living at that rundown hut outside of our village had adopted a son!"

"Where have you been to only talk about this now? The kid's name is Wei Ying, alright? He's been living here for over a year already."

"Really? It didn't seem like he was here for that long..."

"That's because you don't come out of your house! A-Ying always comes by and plays in the village. He's such an adorable kid. The cultivator daozhang living at the Puqi shrine must be taking good care of him."

"Yeah. I saw them both yesterday. And the one in red robes too. Man...they are all handsome people."

Another villager popped in on the two's conversation, "Damn right that is. I've never before seen in my life men as handsome as them. It's a blessing to have them in our village."

"Hey, it's just a rumour I've heard; but do the two of you also think...that the kid is actually the biological son of one of the two?"

"What? I heard he's adopted though??"

"Yeah, but look at them. They look so handsome. It's possible that they're blood-related!"

"That's true...then is it the white cultivator daozhang's son? The kid has rosy cheeks and round eyes just like him."

"Wait a minute. White daozhang's hair is straight and soft. A-Ying's hair is bouncy and thick like Xiao Hua. He's also playful and strong like him too. Don't you think it's more possible that he's Xiao Hua's son?"

[Xiao Hua is what the villagers call Hua Cheng. Xie Lian told them that Hua Cheng is his younger brother living at his shrine.]

"What??! Xiao Hua looks at most twenty! How could he have a son that is already nine years old??"

"We don't really know Xiao Hua's age; it may be that he just looks young. Last time we asked them when they were working in the fields, he did say he has a wife at home."

"Yeah, Yeah. He said his wife was a stunningly beautiful and noble one, and he had to pursue really hard before he could win her over."

"Yeah...but when you look at it, White daozhang is also a beautiful and noble man. A-Ying loves both of them very much too. It's hard to tell whose son he is."

"Yeah, when you put it like that. A-Ying looks like both White daozhang and Xiao Hua."

"Yeah. You're right. He is adopted by the both of them. We are just wondering if he were a biological son of either of the two, whose son he would be...but he could be the son of both!"

"Wait, isn't that them? Coming from the shrine."

"Yeah, you're right! It is them. Let's go greet them."

Wei Ying was riding on Hua Cheng's shoulders as the two of them walked into the village. Xie Lian was beside them laughing while occasionally teasing Wei Ying with Rouye. The villagers came up and greeted them warmly. The trio said that they were coming to the village market to buy groceries.

Hua Cheng, Xie Lian and Wei Ying happily bought groceries together. This was a scene familiar to all the villagers, and it warmed their hearts every time they saw it.

Xie Lian looked up to ask Wei Ying who was above Hua Cheng's shoulders, "A-Ying, is there anything you want?"

Wei Ying, "I want to eat A-die's spicy stir-fried noodles!"

Xie Lian giggled, "Not that, A-Ying. Of course, San Lang will make you some at home. I mean, is there anything you want to buy from the market? We could buy it while we're still here."

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