Chapter (15): To protect and help

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"Oi! Get ya ass moving."


The sound of a cultivator whipping a civilian on the road sounded throughout. Although Qishen was a rich city with many people living there, such acts of cultivators abusing civilians had become a normal occurrence in their daily life. 

Qishen was the main base of the Wen Sect, a rising cultivation clan which had been gaining much power ever since the talented Young Master Wen Rouhen had became the Sect Leader. The Sect Leader was strict, powerful and ruthless and so were his followers. The strong prays on the weak, and the scene of a Wen Sect cultivator whipping a normal woman or man in the broad daylight were a common thing, here in Qishen. This was unfair, but not unbearable. Because ever since the cultivators in Qishen became more powerful, there were less and less cases of people's death caused by ghosts and in some way, people's lives had become more peaceful. That's why they could turn a blind eye to a simple case of a cultivator whipping a civilian in the street, even if it's in broad daylight.

"Hey, don't you know how to be grateful to us cultivators for keeping your lives safe? Show your respect and submission before your saviors! Bow down and don't you dare bark back. Even dogs would know better than you bitches."

The Wen cultivator kept lashing at the woman on the street. Blood flowed from her back and she could only crouch down and bite her own tongue. People saw the bloody scene but no one dared raised their head; they could only turn away their gazes as they prayed for it to be over soon.

"Haha! You worthless -"

A man in a dark hood smacked the Wen cultivator hard enough for him to stagger back a couple of steps. The partner of that Wen cultivator was fumed and tried to attack the dark-hooded man but he was also kicked and slammed onto a tree.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? Do you think you could get away with doing this to us in Qishen?!"

The Wen cultivators raged and shouted at the dark-hooded man but the hooded man said nothing in return. However, the Wen cultivators could feel that this particular man was very powerful. He released a constant pressure on the two Wen cultivators and the two cultivators could feel that this pressure right now was something far more powerful that that of their Sect Leader. Considering their chances, they cursed at the dark-hooded man and ran back.

The dark-hooded man watched coldly at the direction they ran away. In a moment, another dark-hooded figure came. This one a bit shorter than the prior one and he headed straight to the whipped woman.

"Are you okay? Be've been wounded badly..."

The woman looked frightened at the dark-hooded man. She got up at once and ran away as far as she could. She was just a civilian...but if those Wen cultivators remembered that she received help from a stranger who beat them up, who knew what they might do when they recognized her next time?

Xie Lian was just trying help the woman. But the woman ran away as fast as the wind and he felt a sense of déjà vu, although he didn't get slapped.

Hua Cheng, "Gege, leave her be. I think they're used to this already."

Xie Lian, "...Alright...then we should get back on our main objective."

Hua Cheng and Xie Lian had been investigating at Qishen for a day already. They wore hooded black capes and also wore a disguise to alter their appearances. Thus, for now, they looked like ordinary people to any other who had lower cultivation compared to them. However, no mortal could have a higher cultivation than the 800-year-old God and the Supreme Ghost King. So no one really knew what they looked like except for Wen Baxi and his men. But they were currently turned into daruma dolls and were in custody of Hua Cheng. They disguised themselves because they didn't want anyone in Qishen to recognize their appearances. If they were just themselves like in the past, they wouldn't trouble over minor disguises like this. But they were now parents of Wei Ying, and going about with their real appearances might attract unnecessary attention to their son Wei Ying, who was a mortal. So they took great measures to not reveal their identities to anyone else.

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