Chapter (11): A-Ying's training

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Nan Feng did not dare stay the night at Puqi shrine. The longer he stayed, the sharper the gaze Hua Cheng gave him. He immediately got up after they've finished dinner and ran out the door. Xie Lian felt a little sorry for scaring him off like that.

Xie Lian, "Maybe we scared him a little too much?"

Hua Cheng, "Don't worry, Gege. He shouldn't be an official if he's scared just by this."

At this question, Xie Lian looked at Hua Cheng, the Supreme Ghost King who is both feared and respected by the heavens itself. A normal middle court official would have run away with his tail in the legs just by a stare of his. Nan Yang could only withstand it for the whole dinner because he was the God of South East, Feng Xin, in disguise. Hua Cheng lifted his lips upwards in a kid-like mischievous way, looking as innocent as possible. Xie Lian let out a soft smile and a soft giggle.

In the small Puqi shrine which was bustling with its residents, Lang Ying refused to share the bed, because he was too scared to be anywhere near Hua Cheng. Guzi wanted to stay by his dad's side, so he chose to sleep near the door. Xie Lian and Hua Cheng arranged proper beddings for the two to sleep together near the door. Wei Ying was as usual, knocked out in the large bed the three had been sleeping together.

Hua Cheng, "Gege. Look at him. All knocked out, although he was looking very excited when he was out there running. He won't budge even if an elephant were to walk in here right now."

Hua Cheng said while fixing Wei Ying's sleeping position. Wei Ying was at first sleeping face-down. Hua Cheng turned him over and placed a blanket over him as he said so.

Xie Lian, "He was having fun?"

Hua Cheng, "Yeah, a lot of fun for sure. I think he's really happy to learn swordsmanship."

Xie Lian, "That's great...I thought it would be a little hard on him, but I guess it's fine since he's having fun."

Hua Cheng, "Of course, he's having fun. Gege's personally teaching him. Who wouldn't be happy about this?"

Hua Cheng said so in the utmost confident tone; Xie Lian could feel his gaze sweeping a bit downwards automatically.

Xie Lian, "San Lang...don't joke anymore. Let's rest for the night."

And then, they soon tucked in for the night.

The next morning, Xie Lian woke up as soon as it was 5 a.m. The sun has yet to rise, but Hua Cheng was already out of bed. Xie Lian was surprised, he didn't tell anyone that he'd get up early this morning. He just thought of it when he went to sleep last night, that he'd get up early and wake Wei Ying to train too. He also thought a bit that he might be able to see Hua Cheng's sleeping face. But who knew, Hua Cheng actually got up earlier than him.

Hua Cheng, "Gege, you're awake?"

Xie Lian, "San Lang...? You're up so early. You could've slept a bit more."

Hua Cheng, "I'm alright Gege. Here, I got some water to wash your face with."

Xie Lian, "Thank you, San Lang."

Hua Cheng smiled satisfyingly and went off to make breakfast. Xie Lian washed his face in the water Hua Cheng brought, and lightened himself up. Then, he shook Wei Ying a bit to wake him up.

Xie Lian, "A-Ying, wake up now. It's time to get up."

Wei Ying didn't even budge a bit. He was sleeping like a log. Xie Lian watched the carefree little face and a smile appeared on his face on its own. He would love to spoil Wei Ying as much as he liked, but he needs to teach Wei Ying swordsmanship for him to be able to protect himself. So Xie Lian tried his best to wake him up.

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