Chapter (37): Brocade Immortal - Part one

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Xie Lian was thinking of quietly following the intruder to see who they were, but the intruder just collapsed on their own. Xie Lian immediately turned over and sat up.

"I've been saved some trouble."

Wei Ying was also woken up by the commotion and he helped light up the lights to look.

Wei Ying, "Huh?! How did this guy get into our house? And what's wrong with his face? It's all purple like an eggplant!"

Xie Lian, "A-Ying, go with Xiu Li and bring back water for him to drink. Bring about three buckets."

In no time, Xie Lian and the others hastily went to the rescue, pouring large amounts of water down his throat before that person slowly came to.

The first thing he uttered when he woke was, "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT THING?!"

Xie Lian pretended not to hear, and chided solemnly, "Your Highness Qi Ying, you really are too rash; stuffing whatever you find in your mouth, without knowing what it is."

The Martial God of the West, Quan Yizhen, glared, "How would I know that anyone would actually poison their own food, offered in their own shrine?"

"..." Xie Lian rubbed his forehead, and opened that donation box to see that it was filled to the brim with gold bars. "Was it also you who filled the box last time?"

Quan Yizhen nodded.

"Why are you giving me all this?" Xie Lian asked.

"Because I have a lot," Quan Yizhen replied.


Wei Ying accidently let out a chuckle but he fixed his expression as soon as he got a glare from Xiu Li. Xie Lian guessed that it was probably because he had slung out a chopstick to cut down the curtains of the stage at the Mid-Autumn Banquet years ago. But it was years ago and Xie Lian did so just because he didn't want trouble to stir while Wei Ying was there with him.

"Take these back with you, I won't accept rewards without having done anything to deserve them," Xie Lian said.

Quan Yizhen didn't say anything, very obviously not listening. Xie Lian didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Just then, Xiu Li spoke up coldly.

"He's telling you to take those away."

Xie Lian was surprised. He looked back to glance at him, feeling strange. In the past, Xiu Li was docile and soft-spoken, even when compared to his twin sister. So why was his tone so unfriendly today? But, he didn't think much; he figured, if anything, he could just give the box to Ling Wen to shove it back on Quan Yizhen. Thus, Xie Lian straightened his expression.

"A-Ying. Xiu Li. You two can go back to sleep. I'll have a small conversation with His Highness Qi Ying before going back to sleep."

"Yessir..." and Wei Ying fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow. However, Xiu Li kept standing inside the shrine with no intention to go back to sleep.

Xie Lian started discussing with Quan Yizhen, or rather it was him that talked. While he was at the heavens, Xie Lian was given a mission to subdue the Savage-ranked creature called the 'Brocade Immortal' and this was a collaboration mission with Qi Ying. The Brocade Immortal was a sleeveless, headless, gunny-sack like blood-soaked robe which was forged into an exceedingly malicious and powerful spiritual device after being possessed by the obsessed blood of a young general. Throughout the centuries, it changed hands among ghosts, who used it to cause harm. It was later caught and kept in the Great Martial Emperor Hall. However, during the commotion caused on the day Mount Tong'lu reopened, somebody used that chance and stole the Brocade Immortal. Thus, Xie Lian and Quan Yizhen were given the mission to retrieve that spiritual device before it had reached Mount Tong'lu and disappeared into the millions of ghosts.

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