Chapter (43): A promise to keep

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The city Yunmeng was established beside a large lake with countless blooming lotus flowers. Small and large boats transversed across and along the lake. Numerous people went in and out of this lively city every day and many vendors and shops had booming businesses. Yunmeng was also the base of a prominent cultivation sect called YunmengJiang Sect. Under the protection and guidance of Jiang Sect, the city prospered even more. The people could live peacefully and safely since they had no need to worry of monsters or ghosts attacking.

To such a peaceful and lively city, Wei Ying arrived with his fathers. Xie Lian was carrying Hua Cheng in his right arm whereas he was holding Wei Ying's hand with his left. In other people's point of view, Xie Lian looked like a big brother taking care of his two younger siblings.

"Baba, this city is so lively! The lake is so big too! Maybe I can learn how to swim here. And WHOOAH! That dish looks so amazing!"

Xie Lian was dragged by Wei Ying as the three of them wandered through the bustling streets of Yunmeng. Wei Ying was fascinated by the new wonders and a plate of chicken stew that looked like the New Year Festival. Xie Lian followed his son as his mind wandered back to the conversation the night before.

The situation in Mount Tong'lu had every heavenly official on their edge, but the heaven itself was in disorder. Thus, Jun Wu decided to personally take care of Mount Tong'lu, preventing the birth of another calamity, while asking Xie Lian to look after the Upper Court while he was gone. Even though Xie Lian was once a crown prince, he admitted that he had no experience in leading people. He was the type of person that liked to charge in the front row of the battle, not a calm strategist that could order people around. Hence, he refused to look after the Upper Court.

Reaching that point, Hua Cheng came up with a suggestion, and it was decided that Hua Cheng would help Xie Lian infiltrate Mount Tong'lu and help him stop another calamity from being born. Although Xie Lian wasn't as powerful as Jun Wu, if he were to go to Mount Tong'lu with someone who knew the terrain, it might just work somehow.

However, it was definitely not safe for Wei Ying to be with them. Xie Lian thought, dangers more threatening than the last were appearing one after another around them. Wei Ying had been put into many dangerous situations because of that. During this time of the reopening of Mount Tong'lu, every heavenly official was busy, including himself. Hua Cheng was also in a vulnerable position, thus, he had to protect him too. However, Hua Cheng could more or less defend himself as he had power and experience as a Supreme Ghost King. On the other hand, Wei Ying was just a normal thirteen years old boy. Sure he was more talented than other normal boys his age, but it didn't mean he could defend himself in a situation which put even the gods in disorder.

Since Xie Lian had taken a mission to go to Mount Tong'lu, he would rather let Wei Ying stay in a safe place than let him follow to the most dangerous slaughtering arena on earth.

Xie Lian thought hard on how to keep Wei Ying safe. He obviously couldn't ask any heavenly official to look after Wei Ying during the time he went to Mount Tong'lu. First, it was because the heavenly court was in disorder and everyone was busy. Second, it was because he knew no one and didn't feel safe leaving Wei Ying in their care. The almighty gods would only remember to save their swords and accessories than to save the life of a mortal. Moreover, there had been cases of White No-Face appearing around Wei Ying. Xie Lian knew it was because Wei Ying was close to him, close to gods and ghosts. Thus, dangers unbefitting of a mortal were falling upon this young child. That's why Xie Lian thought it would be best for Wei Ying to stay away from celestial or demonic entities for a good while. And so, Xie Lian decided to hide him in the mortal realm.

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