Chapter (12): A trip to Qiandeng temple - Part one

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One night, Xie Lian, Hua Cheng and the three kids were having dinner together at the Puqi shrine. Things have settled down after the uninvited guests were handled and Wei Ying had adjusted to his training and don't feel too exhausted afterwards by now. While they were eating, Xie Lian looked like he just remembered something.

Xie Lian, "San Lang, do you know where Qiandeng temple is?"

Hua Cheng tensed up a bit after hearing Xie Lian's question. Xie Lian actually already kind of knew the answer to this question. However, Hua Cheng's reaction was largely different from what he expected.

Wei Ying raised up his little head from the rice bowl, "Qiandeng temple...hmm...Baba, isn't that the temple that offered three thousand lanterns to you at the banquet?"

Xie Lian, "It is."

Qi Rong who heard their conversation from the outside blurted out, "WHAT?! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! There's no way that three thousand lanterns were offered to that fake snow lotus! Even one would be outrageous. STOP SPOUTING NONSENSE!"

Wei Ying yelled out, "Why would it be outrageous? I SAW with my own eyes, three thousand lanterns, being offered to Baba. You weren't there. How would you know?!"

Qi Rong, "You!- "

Before he could even finish, Xie Lian shot out Rouye and binded and shut Qi Rong up.

Xie Lian, "Qi Rong, why are you up again? I thought you'd be sleeping all night after that 'Love for all seasons' stew. Maybe you need more?"

To be honest, Qi Rong was knocked out every time after he had eaten Xie Lian's cooking; Xie Lian just said sleeping because Guzi was listening. Although Qi Rong had gained some endurance after days of eating the same stuff, he still couldn't handle it well like Hua Cheng; he would definitely pass out if he had to eat again. Thus, Qi Rong finally shut up and grumbled himself to sleep quietly.

Xie Lian, "And A-Ying, you don't have to argue with that kind of people, alright? It's best if you ignore them and leave them be."

Wei Ying, "Yes, Baba."

There was a moment of ruckus before he could get an answer from Hua Cheng, so Xie Lian was worried a bit. Hua Cheng's face didn't look good when he asked about it either. Maybe he was inconveniencing Hua Cheng - Xie Lian worried. However, after a moment of silence Hua Cheng suddenly blurted, "I'm sorry."

"What?" Xie Lian was confused.

At first, he had thought, if 'Qiandeng Temple' wasn't some kind of a joke, then the one who would have the most connection to it could only be Hua Cheng. But no matter how off he might be with his guess, there was no reason for Hua Cheng to apologize. Hua Cheng was looking down at the dinner table, quite different from his usual carefree self.

Xie Lian, "San Lang, is something wrong? It's okay if you don't want to talk about it. You don't need to feel sorry."

Hua Cheng, "No...Gege. Actually...ah...Actually I set up the Qiandeng Temple."

Xie Lian, "Oh."

Hua Cheng, "It was before the Mid-Autumn Festival, and I figured Gege would probably join them in their annual boring games. So I set it up to give Gege some amusement while attending the banquet; making things interesting and to relieve your boredom."

Xie Lian, "..."

His way of 'making things interesting' was rather too shocking. For the sake of Xie Lian's "amusement", he built a temple and raised three thousand Blessings Lanterns of Everlasting Light!

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