Chapter (3): Who dares

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Xie Lian was starting to feel the panic rushing over, but he can't lose focus. He has to find Wei Ying before anything happens to him. What could have happened to him? How did he disappear just like that? Xie Lian's eyes were bulging out and his lips were trembling. Suddenly he felt someone grab his arm,

Hua Cheng : "Gege, calm down first. We'll find him no matter what."

Xie Lian : "San Lang? San Lang...A-Ying ..A-Ying, he..."

Hua Cheng immediately took off his disguise, returning to his original look. A young man with raven black hair and pure white handsome face who seemed to be in his twenties appeared. While he was not that different from his former younger look, this one looked paler than before. His brows knitted till their end and his dark eyes clearly showing the irritation inside. As soon as he returned to his original form, his demonic aura shot out putting a heavy pressure on every ghost and demon around.

The ghosts and demons gasped in surprise and fear at their lord's aura. The Governor of Ghost city, Hua Cheng, was a devastation level ghost king who rarely made his appearance. And when the ghosts do get to meet him, he would most of the time be nonchalant and ignore them, rarely showing his emotions. But this time, every single ghost present knew instantly, from the suffocating and oppressing aura, that their lord had been angered, to the point that every ghost present felt their life was in danger.

Immediately after Hua Cheng released his disguise, all the ghosts around knelt towards him and had their heads bowed. While some ignorant and daring ones would call out "MY LORDD!" "LORDDD" "I'VE MISSED YOU, MY LORD", the major was as silent as still. In a mere second, several black-clothed men appeared out of nowhere and knelt before Hua Cheng as well. These were probably Hua Cheng's trained soldiers, or intelligence gatherers, who knows. Xie Lian didn't care. His eyes were still searching for a big cotton ball among the knelt ghosts. Having all the ghosts kneel before them did make it easy to search for the cotton ball who wouldn't have knelt. Yet, this cotton ball was nowhere to be found. It was like he disappeared into thin air.

Xie Lian could feel a sob coming up his throat. His eyes felt dry and wet at the same time for some reason. His hands were trembling, he tried his best to hold back his shoulders from trembling but it wasn't quite successful. Searching throughout the crowd, he murmured, "A-Ying...".

Hua Cheng took Xie Lian's hand into his, holding tightly. Xie Lian knew Hua Cheng didn't have any body heat as he was a ghost but during this moment, he felt like Hua Cheng's hand warmed his, letting him calm down.

Hua Cheng : "Find a seven year old human child wrapped in white robes named Wei Ying. Either find him within an hour or die by my hand. Scram!"

Hua Cheng gave his order to the thousands of ghosts present. At the end of his order, millions of wraith butterflies flew out from behind him and flew throughout the entire Ghost city in order to find Wei Ying. The Ghost City is an enormous city with millions of residents. Ghosts on the main street may be informed about Wei Ying but those on the further places would not know. And in this city where ghosts eat humans, even a second could be fatal. Ordering the large group of ghosts would cause panic and it would make other ghosts halt their actions for some minutes too. And that would be enough time for Hua Cheng's butterflies to find Wei Ying.

Just as Hua Cheng gave out his order, all the thousands of ghosts rushed out to find the mysterious human child. No one wanted to meet with the lord's wrath. On the contrary, if they do find the child, they might be in the lord's good eyes. "Get lost, get out of my way! I'm going to find the child first." "Wth! Who told you that? I'm the one who's gonna find him first!" "Both of you idiots shut up and get moving on!" Thus, the Ghost city fell into such a chaos trying to find the cotton ball.

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