Chapter (21): To Yushi Country - Part one

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It had been a few months since the Yushi Festivel. Because of the possible appearance of White No-Face, Xie Lian was alarmed and quickly left the place. Guzi who was left there was brought back by Shi Qingxuan and Ming Yi. Xie Lian was so embarrassed and guilty when Shi Qingxuan walked into the Puqi Shrine holding Guzi. However, Guzi was not offended. He is a good and understanding child and didn't blame Xie Lian or Hua Cheng for forgetting him.

[I'm sorry Guzi. This author forgot. It's my fault. 🥺🥺😭😭]

After the festival, Guzi moved to live in the Paradise Manor, because Hua Cheng put (imprisoned) Qi Rong there and Guzi wanted to live with his father. Qi Rong was making a fuss over every little thing in the Manor but Guzi was treated quite well. Wei Ying also wondered what happened to Lang Ying but Hua Cheng had already moved Lang Ying to the Hounds' city, away from both Xie Lian and Wei Ying because he didn't trust Lang Ying. When Wei Ying asked where Lang Ying was, Hua Cheng just answered that Lang Ying went to a faraway city to study. So Wei Ying was the only kid left at the Puqi Shrine. But Xiu Li and Xiu Si were there. They were decades old but their appearance remained that of a fifteen year old's so they became playmates with Wei Ying.

Nonetheless, it had been a few months since then. Although Ling Wen, Nan Yang, Xuan Zhen and their officials searched all through the Gusu area, nothing could be found about White No-Face. Only Xie Lian, Hua Cheng and Wei Ying who had seen the plain white mask with a crescent smile could claim that there was definitely something there. However, there was no proof of White No-Face's presence there previously. Therefore, after a few months of unsuccessful searches, the heavenly officials didn't pay much attention to it any more.

Despite the other heavenly officials not caring much about White No-Face, Xie Lian was different. This thing approached his son and it might still be out there. Just the thought of it had been haunting him and giving him nightmares. Hua Cheng noticed this and assigned two high-ranked ghosts to be Wei Ying's bodyguards. Xiu Li and Xiu Si each ranked Menace which would be the third highest rank in among the ghosts. Xuan Ji, Qi Rong, Banyue, Ki Mo and such (The fetus spirit, the brocade immortal, Ming Guang the sword) are Savage ranked which was the second highest. However, these beings died with great resentment and were very powerful compared to normal ghosts. So usually, there aren't many Savage ranked ghosts in the world. Since there's only a few in the Savage rank, there were even fewer in the Devastation rank. In history, there has only ever been three ghosts who were ranked Devastation; White No-Face, Black Water Submerging Boats and Crimson Rain Sought Flower. There were several Savage ranked ghosts under Hua Cheng's rule. However, they would fall behind Xiu Li and Xiu Si in terms of skill. In reality, these ranks were given by the Palace of Ling Wen over how much damage they induced. It couldn't measure how powerful or skilled the ghost is. If we were to compare skills alone, Xiu Li and Xiu Si can take on a junior heavenly official each. And if they combined, they could take on an ordinary Upper heavenly official. Even so, being able to take on heavenly officials meant their skills were among the best.

Hua Cheng assigned Xiu Li and Xiu Si as Wei Ying's bodyguards, but they were more like best friends playing around. Xiu Li wielded double swords while Xiu Si used a slender curved sword like a katana. The things they'd do would range from playing with other children in the village to sparring with each other. Xie Lian was worried about the danger White No-Face posed so he kept an eye on Wei Ying anxiously but he seemed to relax whenever he saw Wei Ying playing happily with Xiu Li and Xiu Si. Because he knew that there were two strong people protecting Wei Ying, Xie Lian was able to rest and relax once in a while. Sometimes, Xie Lian thought that maybe Hua Cheng assigned Xiu Li and Xiu Si so that Xie Lian's worries would east a little.

One day, a letter arrived in Puqi Shrine. Xiu Li and Xiu Si always stayed vigilant, one stationed outside and one inside, while guarding the shrine. They were ghosts and one of their abilities was that they didn't need any sleep. So they guarded Wei Ying day and night. It was in the late morning that Xie Lian received the letter. It was from the Rain Master, Yushi Huang. Xie Lian wondered why the Rain Master didn't just reach out to him through the spiritual communication array, but the letter said that it was because the Rain Master didn't know Xie Lian's private communication password and because she didn't want to tell this in the main communication array where many other gods could be listening. The letter further said that the Rain Master thought Xie Lian and his family might be anxious after the incident at the Yushi Festival. So she invited Xie Lian and his family to come visit her Yushi Country when he was available - for a change of mind. In the post script, Banyue also wrote down that she has been doing well and that she misses General Hua.

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