Chapter (23): Vast farm fields, under a tree

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Yushi Country was once a big country hundreds of years ago, but now it is a normal agricultural-based country ruled by Yushi Huang _ Goddess of Rain, the Rain Master. Yushi Huang was a humble goddess who instructed her worshippers to focus on farming other than building her temples and such. So it was clearly visible that Yushi Country was a beautiful agricultural country with vast fields of crops and vegetables. Upon arriving there, the carriage of the three; Xie Lian, Hua Cheng and Wei Ying, had to pass through numerous farm fields to arrive at the Rain Master's residence.

Xie Lian had been here once before, which was eight hundred years ago. That time too, all he noticed was the vast fields of crops and the hard working farmers and oxen. Even if it was eight hundred years ago or now, the scene of the vast fields and the hard-working farmers hadn't changed. If Xie Lian had to say what the changes he noticed were, they'd be the more systematic way of farming and the slightly increased population. Of course, Xie Lian could enjoy these only because he wasn't in a rush like last time when he came to ask the Rain Master for help regarding the drought situation. He was on a vacation this time with Hua Cheng and Wei Ying, his son. He promised himself that he would rest and have fun as much as he could, for Wei Ying's sake as well as his.

"General Hua!"

A beautiful young girl in simple black robes came to greet the passengers on the carriage.

Xie Lian, "Banyue. Have you been well?"

Banyue, "Yes, I've been doing well."

Banyue looked at the brightly smiling cotton ball sitting beside Xie Lian. She had already heard from the Rain Master and the Wind Master all about the adopted son of the Flower-Crown Martial God. Banyue was over two hundred years old at this point. She was a ghost but because she saved the people from the soldiers in half-moon pass, Shi Qingxuan asked Yushi Huang to let her stay at her place. Yushi Huang had been taking care of her since then and Banyue had assimilated into the rural culture. She was still dressed in darker clothes, but her robes were simple. She had her long straight hair tied down with a ribbon. Everything she wore was simple and plain yet she looked extremely beautiful with her snow white cheeks and round dark eyes. She was once labeled 'The evil Goushi of Banyue Pass', but looking at her now, she could well pass off a simple beautiful rural girl.

Xie Lian smiled softly seeing Banyue like this. If there wasn't a war going on between Half-moon pass and Yong'an back then, could Banyue have lived peacefully like this earlier? Xie Lian thought to himself, starting to overthink. Banyue was happy now. She's living peacefully here. That's enough for now.

Wei Ying, "Hello!"

Banyue smiled softly as she returned the greetings, "Hello."

Xie Lian, "Banyue, this is Wei Ying, Wei Wuxian. He is my adopted son. A-Ying, this is Banyue. She's older than you so don't forget to be polite, alright? I hope you two can get along well."

Banyue looked up like she wanted to say something, but kept her head down like she decided not to talk about it yet. Right then, a strong-looking young man came and started taking care of the horses.

Xie Lian, "General Pei Junior. It has been long."

Pei Su, "Please, just call me Pei Su. General Hua, it has been long."

Xie Lian had heard that Pei Su had been living at the Rain Master's place alongside Banyue. He had somehow hastened Pei Su's demotion and offended Pei Ming, but he still believed that one must pay for his own misdeeds. In all honesty, it felt somewhat strange in Xie Lian's heart; for him to see the two young children he used to look after growing up so much. Xie Lian still remembered the small little girl dancing as he and another little boy tried their best to provide music.

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