Chapter (4): Lord Hua Cheng's new family!

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Xie Lian : "San Lang, Is there really no way to dispel the spell?"

Hua Cheng : "This spell interferes within his nerves. He may very well be awake at this moment. It's just that whatever he tries to convey through his nerves are interfered and blocked off. His sensory nerves might also be interfered, which means he can't sense anything. It's like he's trapped in his own body. This does not damage his body. It just puts him in a deep sleep. I've dispelled most parts of the spell. One should be awake by now... But, A-Ying..., he's severely affected because he's still a child. But don't worry Gege. A-Ying will wake up in a couple of days. He'll be alright."

They both looked at Wei Ying who is now placed on a bed in the Paradise Manor. Xie Lian had changed his clothes into the one they were going to buy, to let Wei Ying be more comfortable. Wei Ying was still asleep, deep asleep.

Xie Lian : "A-Ying...he had nowhere but to struggle in streets before I met him...filled with cuts and bruises. Even those haven't fully healed yet. Now he's in a coma...San Lang...I thought I could keep him safe with me. Did I make a mistake? A-Ying wouldn't have to suffer this if I didn't bring him with me."

Hua Cheng took Xie Lian's hand into his.

Hua Cheng : "Gege, it's not your fault."

Xie Lian continued looking at Wei Ying. The little boy was sleeping on the bed. He was a little small compared to his age. Probably because he survived on whatever's possible on the past years that he didn't grow much. Xie Lian remembers how Wei Ying was like when he first saw him. Dirty, unkempt, fighting with dogs and then smiling happily as he called him 'Baba'. At least he was awake then; now he's in a deep asleep, unaware of anything. If Hua Cheng had been one step late, who knew in what condition Wei Ying would be in now.

Xie Lian couldn't help but feel a bit guilty because of it. He could have taken better care of him. He could have been more attentive of him. Then Wei Ying wouldn't have to be in a coma like this.

Hua Cheng : "Gege..."

Xie Lian : "San you think it would be best for him to find a new family? There could be someone out there searching for him..."

Hua Cheng : "Gege. Anyone out there can be searching for him. But no one could have handled it better than you."

Xie Lian : "San Lang...that's not what I mean..."

Hua Cheng : "If there is really anyone who's looking for A-Ying, we can keep a look out. But Gege knows how A-Ying looks like when he calls you 'Baba'. I doubt he's willing to leave."

Xie Lian : "'s dangerous to be with me."

Hua Cheng : "The danger is everywhere in this world, Gege. I say he's very lucky to have Gege by his side to protect him. Besides, I'm here too. I won't let anything happen to him or Gege. I'm his A-die."

Xie Lian : "San Lang...don't joke."

Hua Cheng : "I'm not."

Xie Lian giggled a bit. He thought Hua Cheng was not wrong. He brought Wei Ying with him because he wanted to keep him safe. But after this incident, Xie Lian wavered on his decision a bit because he thought being with him would invite more danger to Wei Ying.

But Hua Cheng was right. Danger was everywhere in this world. It would be bad if he wanted to throw Wei Ying back into the world just because he couldn't protect him just this one time. It could be another thing if there was someone looking for Wei Ying but looking at Wei Ying's conditions just a few days ago, that was unlikely.

Xie Lian looked at Wei Ying again and patted his head a bit. In his mind he told himself, 'I'll protect you no matter what. I won't let you suffer like this ever again.'

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