Chapter (36): All ghost aroused

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Hua Cheng seemed as if he was at a point where he had lost all his senses, and wasn't able to recognize who was in front of him. He clutched Xie Lian even tighter in his arms and repeatedly muttered, "...I lied. Don't leave me."

Xie Lian widened his eyes. Outside the temple, while Guzi wailed while running after his father, Qi Rong broke out in hysterical laughter.


Upon hearing this, the ghosts on the streets, who were on the verge of exhaustion from the pain, immediately cursed back.

"Green Ghost! You piece of useless trash, ya dare to swear at our lord?!"

The annoying ruckus going on around them drove Hua Cheng to the edge, making him even more infuriated. He raised his hand as if about to blast them to pieces. Instinctively, Xie Lian hugged him back to keep the hand down.

He soothed, "Okay, okay. I won't leave, I won't leave you."

With a flick of his hand, Qiandeng Temple's grand doors shut by themselves. To prevent Qi Rong from busting into the temple under these circumstances, Xie Lian shooed him:

"If you're gonna scram, then get lost! I don't have time for you! If you don't get lost, then just wait and see what I'll... ―AH!"

To his surprise, Hua Cheng was unsatisfied with only a shallow embrace, and he shoved Xie Lian roughly on top of the jaded table. Ink, paper, brushes all fell and scattered across the floor. Caught up in the struggle, Xie Lian's hand accidently glided past the ink pad stationed on the table, leaving crimson red marks along the paper underneath him.

"San..." Xie Lian started.

Before he could finish, Hua Cheng held him by the shoulders and leaned down to kiss him.

Qi Rong, who had undoubtedly heard something that didn't sound right, laughed. "Cousin Crown Prince, you better be careful! Hua Cheng is probably like a rabid dog right now; he'll bite whoever he sees! I, myself, will personally go and help you spread the news. There are quite a few monks and cultivators who seek revenge against Hua Cheng, they might as well come now and take care of him! AHAHAHAHAHAHA..."

Xie Lian's heart tightened as Qi Rong's laughter faded in the distance. If Qi Rong really did call forth a group of cultivators who were Hua Cheng's enemies, under the ghosts' current weakened condition, how could Ghost City defend itself?

Yet, amidst all this, Hua Cheng wasn't allowing him any break to think. Although he wasn't alive and shouldn't emit any warmth, at this very moment, his body was burning hot, as if he was struck by a high fever. With their lips tightly pressed against each other's, Xie Lian was practically forced to accept the incoming waves of heat. The hands that were originally trying to push Hua Cheng away now sank into the folds of the red fabric near his shoulders instead.

Maybe it was because Hua Cheng's spiritual energy was too strong. Xie Lian felt his throat, chest, and stomach were filled to the brim by warmth, to the point that it became uncomfortable. If he continued to endure this, he might just burst under the sheer amount of power that was being poured in. He tightened his jaw and raised his palm to slap. Although he did land a blow, because he really couldn't bring himself to hit Hua Cheng, the hand only tapped his shoulder instead; the force neither light nor heavy. Unfazed, Hua Cheng seized his wrist, held it down, and continued the attack on Xie Lian's lips.

Xie Lian really couldn't let this continue any further. This time, Xie Lian used both of his hands. After shoving Hua Cheng away, he fled to the side of the altar in panic, panting for breath. However, with bloodshot eyes, Hua Cheng hounded him and followed him over, pressing him against the altar.

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