Chapter (29): Suibian

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One day, in the Puqi village_ in a vast field filled with paddies, a young boy who seemed to be a young teen was training his sword skills. He was wearing black combat robes, and his black and bouncy hair was tied up with a silver headpiece. There was an adult in brown robes who was supervising his training. Then, another adult walked into the paddy field. The adult in brown robes rolled his eyes when he saw the other one coming to them.

Wei Ying was getting bored looking at his two shushus. Feng Xin and Mu Qing usually came at different times, but some days they encountered each other like this. They usually came in the afternoons whereas mornings were either Wei Ying's play times or Xie Lian teaching him. That day, Mu Qing arrived first and was already guiding Wei Ying in his practice when Feng Xin arrived.

Mu Qing, "Why are you here already?"

Feng Xin, "What business do you even have to do with me arriving early? Don't stick your nose into every little thing."

My Qing fumed, "What did you just say?"

And they forgot Wei Ying was still near them and started cursing at each other. It had already become normal that Wei Ying didn't feel flustered seeing his two shushus fight, rather he was bored of being ignored. Then, with a pout, he said.

"Nan-shushu, Fu-shushu. If you fight, Baba's gonna make you work in the paddy fields again."

[Wei Ying only knows them as Nan Feng and Fu Yao; he doesn't know their real names yet.]

Hearing this, Feng Xin and Mu Qing halted, both remembering the gruesome fieldwork they had to do the week before. Because they were immortals, Xie Lian assigned them ten people's worth of work as punishment for fighting and cursing in front of Wei Ying. Neither could even protest under the glare of Hua Cheng's blade and had to work till their backs and hands hurt in the paddy fields that day.

Feng Xin walked closer to Wei Ying, his voice soft like it was not him who was yelling a moment ago, "A-Ying, don't tell your Baba about this, alright? We'll stop. We'll stop."

Mu Qing, "Don't say anything about us fighting...I don't want to work in the fields again. Now where were we? Let's continue the practice."

Wei Ying, "Fu-shu, Nan-shu. Let's go play in the stream after today's practice!"

Mu Qing, "You can play with the kids. Why are you dragging us along?"

Wei Ying, "Are you coming to play or not?"

Mu Qing rolled his eyes at his feisty disciple. But after the practice, he did follow Wei Ying to play in the stream. Of course, Feng Xin followed too, thinking 'How could I let Wei Ying be left alone with this guy?' Little did he know that it was exactly what Mu Qing was thinking too.

Later that day, in the Puqi shrine, Hua Cheng, looking like a youngster around eighteen or nineteen, was sweeping the dry leaves in the front yard. Then he noticed three people entering the Puqi Shrine and a smile formed on his lips.

Hua Cheng, "Gege, you're back."

Then Hua Cheng turned to Banyue and Pei Su who walked in together with Xie Lian.

Hua Cheng, "Welcome, A-Yue. And Pei Su."

Banyue, "A-die. We came to visit."

Pei Su bowed his head respectfully, "Hua-chengzhu."

Xie Lian, "Haha. It's alright, Pei Su. Make yourselves at home. San Lang, where is A-Ying? I didn't see him when I came in."

Hua Cheng took the luggage Xie Lian was carrying, "He's playing in the stream in the back of the shrine. He will come back soon."

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