Chapter (27): The Miracle Flower

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Sitting atop a black throne in Paradise Hall, Hua Cheng sighed as his unfocused eyes showed how bored he was. He was playing with the red ruby tied to his hair as he looked down at the other man standing in the middle of the hall. This man was tall and buff, maybe even as tall as Hua Cheng. His brows were furrowed and his facial muscles were hardened as if he had worn an intimidating expression all his life. However, his height and aura amounted to nothing in front of the Supreme Ghost King. The man clenched his fist hard as if he was braving himself for a frightening experience he had never before seen in his life. After a moment, Hua Cheng finally looked at the man and nonchalantly spoke.

"What brings you to Ghost City, Sect Leader Nie?"


"*Cough cough..."

Weak sounds of coughing came from the secluded bedroom in the mansion of the QingheNie Sect. A young boy who was only eight or nine years of age was lying on the bed, barely conscious. It was the young master of the Nie Sect, the younger half-brother of the current Sect Leader,

"Is there no cure?"

Nie Mingjue, who was standing at the door of the bedroom asked one of the physicians who had been treating his younger brother.

"Sect Leader Nie. Young Master Nie's condition came from his weak heart. His current heart is too weak to support his whole body... Young Master Nie has had a weak heart since a young age... We hoped his heart would become better as the Young Master grew but... it remained weak. It's barely beating even now. I'm... I'm afraid this is beyond our abilities..."

"I asked if there is no cure."

The physician flinched at the stern voice of Nie Mingjue.

"There... there might be one way..."

"What is it? Spill it."

"The ... The World's First Flower."

At the answer, Nie Mingjue glared at the physician as if he was joking around. There was no one in the cultivation world or the medicinal world who had never heard of 'The World's First Flower'.

The World's First Flower, known as the spiritual flower plant of the Goddess of Nature who ascended tens of thousands of years ago was a highly spiritual flower plant about which was heard in legends. The legends of the Goddess of Nature might have faded but the legends of this flower remained. There were numerous legends stating the story of this flower. Some said the Goddess of Nature created it and some said the flower was born from the death of the Goddess. However, the most famous story about this plant was that it could create miracles. Fables of patients who were beyond saving but recovered after being fed or treated with the World's First Flower were numerous and thus, many regarded this flower as the savior of men and the flower of miracles.

Indeed, if it was the World's First Flower, then it might be possible to save the second young master Nie who was suffering from a weak heart. But even though the legends of this flower remained strong, they were none other than mere legends; just some fables handed down from generation after generation. There was no official record that proved the existence of this flower and thus, mentioning the name of this flower to save a dying person seemed like a poorly attempted joke. It was as if the physician was asking Nie Mingjue to attain the impossible to say that it was impossible to save the second young master.

Nie Mingjue was furious to hear it; he thought the physician was mocking the life of his brother. His hand moved to the handle of his sabre. The physician saw it and immediately kneeled.

"Sect Leader Nie, please listen! I did not say it as an attempt at a joke. I sincerely meant it when I said it might be possible to save the second young master Nie if we could obtain the World's First Flower. Even just a part of it might work, according to the legends!"

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