Chapter (17): Yunmeng or Puqi shrine

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Jiang FengMin looked at the small shrine, it looked like it was about to collapse at any moment, then at the children playing outside the shrine. There were three children in total, the eldest was covered in bandages and he was tall and thin making him look timid and weak. The second eldest was the opposite; he looked like an energized cotton ball, running around with a face full of smiles and cherry pink cheeks, he looked as healthy and fit as he can be. The youngest looked around five, but he was carried around like a baby when he played with the other two.

Seeing the happily playing kids, Jiang Fengmin hesitated in entering the shrine. He had been searching for Wei Changze's child as soon as he had heard that his dear friend had left the world, but he couldn't find the kid no matter what. He searched all the way from Yunmeng to Qishen, South to North; he spared no expenses. Hearing that both his parents died, Jiang Fengmin wanted to take Wei Ying back and raise as his own, so that Wei Ying wouldn't be alone. So he searched tirelessly, and after searching for years, he finally found him.

He was worried that the small child would be alone all this time but he was relieved when he saw Wei Ying playing happily with other children. He wouldn't mistake who Wei Ying was; the second eldest child, whose bouncy hair was tied up with a red hair-tie, looked exactly like Wei Changze when he was young, and moreover, he could also see traces of Cangse Sanren in his blue eyes as well.[1]

Jiang FengMin wanted to immediately take Wei Ying back to Lotus Pier when he heard his men had found him. But when he saw Wei Ying playing carefreely, he hesitated. If he brought him back, there would no doubt be prejudice against this child, and he would be judged and criticized for being the son of a runaway servant. Jiang Fengmin frowned at the thought that it might seal away Wei Ying's smile, and thus he couldn't step into the shrine to call out to the kid.

Jiang Fengmin was standing outside the shrine's gate when he heard someone call for him. It was a white clad cultivator along with a red-robed young man.

The white clad cultivator, "Excuse me, was this gentleman waiting to enter the shrine?"

The white clad cultivator looked kind and generous with his gentle behavior and soft spoken words. The red-robed young man beside him was not so polite, he looked Jiang Fengmin up and down in a way that he was being wary of something but did not know what the threat was.

Jiang Fengmin, "Greetings, Daozhang[2]. Yes...I was intending to enter the shrine...but I'm not so sure anymore."

The white clad cultivator, "Then, would you like to come in and sit down for a bit? A cup of tea can help to clear your mind."

Jiang Fengmin was a bit confused at first to why this young cultivator would invite him into the shrine, but he realized it when the kids came running to greet the white clad cultivator yelling, "Baba! Welcome home!!". Although the only kid who yelled was Wei Ying, he understood that these two men must have been the ones taking care of Wei Ying. Thus, he politely followed his lead into the shrine.

Xie Lian was at first surprised to see such a rich-looking cultivator like Jiang Fengmin standing at the gate and looking into his shrine. But when he saw that the man's eyes were focused on Wei Ying, he became slightly alarmed. Hua Cheng, seeing the wariness in Xie Lian's eyes, leaned a bit closer to his ears,

Hua Cheng, "Gege, those purples robes are a symbol of the YunmengJiang Sect. Looking at the accessories he's wearing, I think he's the Sect Leader of it."

Xie Lian, "The Sect Leader of the YunmengJiang Sect...? Is it something like a prominent sect?"

Hua Cheng, "It is one of the five prominent ones during this age."

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