Chapter (24): A new guest

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Hua Cheng, "So... that girl Banyue is marrying that boy Pei Su?"

Xie Lian, "Yes."

Hua Cheng, "And she asked Gege to attend her wedding as her father?"

Xie Lian, "Yes."

Hua Cheng, "Oh. Then is that why she's peeking at you from over there?"

Xie Lian, "Ye- what? Banyue?"

Xie Lian turned and saw Banyue who was frightened after being caught peeking at them from behind a tree. Xie Lian was about to call her but Banyue instantly turned and ran away.

Xie Lian felt another sense of déjà vu as to women running away from him without him doing anything. As awkward as it was, this had happened quite some times. Whenever Xie Lian tried to talk to her or just call out to her, Banyue would fumble and run away like that. But she would peek back at Xie Lian from a distance, like she was preparing for something she was not ready for yet.

Wei Ying, "So... Banyue-jie is really my sister?"

Wei Ying who was listening from the side asked, his eyes sparkling in anticipation.

Xie Lian, "Yes, you could say that. She is your big sister."

Hearing this, Wei Ying made a big 'O' with his mouth. You could even see the sparkle in his eyes spreading around him.

"I have a big sister!!!"

Saying so, Wei Ying ran after the direction in which Banyue ran away.

Xie Lian, "A-Ying, wait! Banyue might be uncomfortable right now."

Hua Cheng, "It's fine, Gege. The kids will get along just fine."

Xie Lian kind of felt a blush coming over hearing this. But he thought it was ridiculous; there was no reason for him to blush.

Wei Ying, "Jie! Banyue-jie!! Banyue-jiejie. Jiejie?"

Wei Ying went after Banyue and called out to her. Wei Ying already knew that Xie Lian once took care of Banyue as a child, so he already expected Banyue to be his big sister. But no one really calls Xie Lian 'father' other than him so it felt like he was an only child. When he learnt that Banyue also called him 'Ba', he was so happy.

Wei Ying, "Ah."

Turning at a corner, Wei Ying saw a young lady in simple black robes crouching down with her head in her arms. The young lady looked up and saw the energetic young boy with bouncy tied-hair.

Wei Ying shouted happily, "Banyue-Jie!"

Banyue, "A...A-Ying. What are you doing here?"

Wei Ying, "Banyue-Jie, is it true that you're my big sister?"

Banyue looked surprised, but she nodded, a bit slowly but surely, "Mn."

Wei Ying, "Wahh! Can I call you Jiejie? I've always wanted a big sister."

Banyue, "You can."

Wei Ying, "Jiejie!"

Banyue smiled at the beaming sunshine. She understood why this young boy got a lot of affection from both Xie Lian and Hua Cheng.

Wei Ying, "But Jiejie, why did you run away from Baba?"

Banyue flinched upon hearing the question, "It's... it's because I'm not sure..."

Wei Ying sat down beside Banyue. He said nothing but he knew his big sister was having a hard time. He had seen his Baba helping people who were in trouble. His Baba would always start with a smile as he comforted them. Wei Ying didn't really understand how to comfort Banyue right now, but at least he could be by her side. Banyue noticed the intention of the little boy and couldn't help but smile. She thought, 'He really is the son of General Hua.'

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