Chapter (28): The Lords of Ghost City

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"Whoahh!! Woahhhh! Our Prince is the best! Hooray!!"

Echos of cheer sounded from the large crowd of ghosts somewhere in the Ghost City. In the middle of the large crowd was a circle ring large enough that even an elephant could walk around. Even so, the circle only had one little boy running around in it.

The ten or eleven year old little boy was in a simple light-coloured garb with red and black linings on it. His hair was tied up with a silver headpiece with red gems and he also had a soft white silk band covering his eyes. Even though he was blindfolded, the boy was nimbly jumping around in the ring and the ghosts outside the ring were cheering endlessly for him.

Above the boy's head, hovering over the circle rings were several dozens of fireballs around the size of a fist. At first glance, it might look like the souls of the dead who had just recently died, but the fire was a normal yellowish orange colour, not the blue mysterious kind the souls of the dead had. These fireballs were just small types of monsters who liked to haunt people out of nowhere. They were covered in flames, but quick to disappear and could fly as fast as a buzzing bee.

Despite being blindfolded, Wei Ying had no trouble moving around in the circle ring. He had a bow in his hand and a quiver on his side. Wei Ying had already shot down dozens of those fireballs. He seemed to be figuring out the positions of the fireballs above him when he noticed that the soft silk band on his eyes started to move a little on its own. Wei Ying was startled and whispered to the silk band,

"Stop! Don't do anything. I'll get them on my own."

It might seem weird in other's eyes, but the silk band seemed to have grumbled a bit before settling down like a little kid who was told 'no'.

In no time, Wei Ying had a smirk on his face as he hauled three arrows out of the quiver and in an instant had shot down three fireballs simultaneously. Then he continued to fire multiple shots and in less than five minutes, all the fireballs had been defeated by Wei Ying.


Shouting out loud, Wei Ying showed off his triumph. The enormous cheer resounded from the crowd as well. Then the spectating ghosts rushed in and lifted Wei Ying on their shoulders. The cheers and shouts seemed to have echoed through the city of Ghosts.

Then suddenly, the cheers died down by a notch. Wei Ying was still blindfolded and did not know what was happening. He was about to take off the blindfold but the blindfold went off on its own and flew to his front, letting Wei Ying have his vision again. Then, in front of him, Wei Ying saw a handsome yet beautiful cultivator in ragged yet elegant white robes. This was a very familiar person to Wei Ying.

"Baba! Wha... What are you doing here?" The startled Wei Ying stammered

With a smile on his face, Xie Lian answered, "I came to see my son winning the Fire Monsters' archery contest of course."

Wei Ying, "Ahahaha. Baba I can explain."

Wei Ying quickly went up to his father. He was freaking out because he sneaked out of the Paradise Manor to play in the city.

"A-Ying, you could have told us before going out."

"But Baba and A-die were not coming out of your room for a long time! I waited to tell you but neither of you were coming out."

"A-Ying... Don't say it like that. We were just..." Xie Lian felt the gazes and grinning smiles from the ghosts around and felt like he was burning up.

"Haha." From behind Xie Lian, the red-robed Ghost King chuckled at his son's retort. Hua Cheng could see Xie Lian's ears turning red from behind and couldn't keep his chuckle in.

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