Chapter (33): Around the world - Part one

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Wei Ying felt really, really bored. He sat upside down in a chair with his legs pointing towards the sky, head looking at things from a whole new point of view. He remembered the evening before, when Shi Qingxuan and Ming Yi arrived at Puqi Shrine.

Wei Ying, "Qing-Jie!"

Shi Qingxuan, "Oh, A-Ying, you're here."

Seeing that Shi Qingxuan had a sudden change in expression, Xie Lian asked through the private communication array, "Lord Wind Master, is it something that you couldn't say in front of A-Ying?"

Shi Qingxuan replied solemnly, "En. I think it's best to not involve A-Ying. It might be a bit dangerous."

Wei Ying, "WAITT! You guys are talking silently again...No fair!"

Shi Qingxuan, "Hahaha. You can't say no fair. We can talk like that because we are heavenly officials."

Wei Ying, "Still, no fair to keep only me in the dark. What were you talking about?"

Shi Qingxuan, "...That we have some matters to discuss. Heavens stuff. So I was asking if His Highness let A-Ying go play somewhere else."

"Whyy?? Is it because I'm still a kid??"

"Haha... You guessed it right. Don't worry. Qing-jie will buy you lots and lots and delicious food after this, alright?"

And so, he was kicked out of Puqi Shrine, Wei Ying thought.

Since he heard it could be a bit dangerous, Xie Lian wanted Hua Cheng to take Wei Ying back to Paradise Manor. But Hua Cheng wanted to stay so he sent Wei Ying to Yushi Country where his jiejie Banyue was at.

It had been about a month or two, whereas neither Hua Cheng nor Xie Lian let Wei Ying out of their sight. Usually, they would let Xiu Li and Xiu Si watch him and he could go wherever he wanted, but since the accident while he was out night hunting, he was never let out of their sight. Xie Lian or Hua Cheng or both would be by his side all the time, and if they both were busy, they would entrust Wei Ying to Banyue. And thus, Wei Ying was at Yushi Country where Banyue was helping with farming.

He felt like he was being treated like a little child, but remembering how horrifying the monster was on his first night hunt, he didn't dare complain. But now, he wanted to complain. He was bored out of his wits. His guide teachers, Nan Feng and Fu Yao, didn't show up that day either, so he had nothing to do. He wanted to practice swords with Pei Su-dage but he was out patrolling. So he wanted to join him, but his sister was not letting him out of her sight.

"Jieee! I'm boredddd..."

Wei Ying sprawled out his hands while he was still upside down, making a ridiculous pose trying to get Banyue's attention.

Banyue glanced at Wei Ying who had called her for the thirtieth time that day and with a small smirk, she lightly flicked her hand at him.

"Ah! No Fair! You didn't warn me!"

Wei Ying was startled and jumped up on the chair as a purplish scorpion snake suddenly dropped in front of him. Normally, people would freak out when seeing such a poisonous snake or try to kill it, but Wei Ying just calmed down and lightly patted the snake on its head. He already knew that his sister's snake would never hurt him.

"Did that relieve your boredom a little?"

Wei Ying gestured as if he was holding a grain of rice, "Just a tiny little bit."

"Haha. All right. All right. I'll take you to Queen Yushi. Maybe you can play with Mister Black Ox."

Wei Ying thought of the elegant Queen with beautiful features but didn't talk much and the Black Ox man who was only interested in plunging the fields. His little head hung down, "They're not fun to play with..."

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