Chapter (39): Brocade Immortal - Part three

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Xie Lian was looking at the many clothes. He said to Quan Yizhen, "Qi Ying, why don't you come and take a look?"

However, Quan Yizhen only ruffled his loose curly hair, and shook his head, "Too many."

Too many ghost robes. Every single piece of cloth emitted the essence of evil, affecting all the other clothes, and making one lose the ability to judge.

This situation was akin to someone who possessed a sharp sense of taste. Although they could differentiate between the flavours of pear and apple candied stuffings, if ninety-eight different kinds of fruity stuffings were mixed together and presented to the person to try, they would lose their sense of taste completely. Xie Lian was trying to think of another method, but when he turned his head around to look, he saw Quan Yizhen had picked up a robe and was just about to pull it onto his person directly. Xie Lian hastily stopped him and hung the robe back onto the rack.

"Stop, stop, stop. Qi Ying, let's agree on this: first, don't put random things in your mouth, and second, don't put on random clothes. These are both very dangerous things."

However, Quan Yizhen pointed behind him.

"Then what about them?"

Xie Lian suddenly smelled something burning, and he followed the direction of where Quan Yizhen was pointing to look. He saw Wei Ying holding a stick that somehow had been lit on fire and Xiu Li placing a robe above it; hence, the burning smell. Wei Ying was quite fascinated; he had never seen a ghost robe set on fire, he wanted to know what would happen, so energetically, moving the flaming stick to and fro, setting the hem of the robe ablaze. On the other hand, Xiu Li was looking serenely stoic.

"...Don' with fire, either???" Xie Lian exclaimed.

That ghost robe seemed to be in pain from the burning. The hem started rolling upwards, twisting like mad, trying to get away; looking more like a live eel than a piece of clothing, and painting a rather cruel picture. Yet, although there was the smell of burning, there was no trace of the fabric being burnt at all. It appeared that the essence of evil on those ghost robes had soaked in enough for the robes to escape fire disasters.

Hearing Xie Lian telling to not play with fire, Xiu Li put the robe away and took the fire stick from Wei Ying, tossed it down and stepped on it to put out the flames, looking every bit obedient again. Wei Ying was left gaping in disbelief by himself. Xie Lian didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

However, before he could say anything, he saw, not far away, a long and flowy white fabric that was hung high up on a wooden rack, gently fluttering in the night breeze. Upon the fabric was the shadow of a human figure, and it was slowly moving. This figure did not have a head.

Xie Lian pulled Wei Ying behind and immediately unsheathed his sword, "EVERYONE, WATCH OUT!"

The swing of the sword cut the fabric and the shadow in half. However, when the fabric landed on the ground, there was not a single soul behind it; the headless shadow had disappeared. Wei Ying also pulled out his sword and stayed on guard. After Xie Lian had yelled, the atmosphere in the textile house seemed to have changed, the air became colder and the night breeze stopped abruptly. Xie Lian hadn't had the chance to check the fabric he had cut when something behind him made him shudder. He whipped his head around and his pupils shrank. Somehow, a beautifully-dressed woman had soundlessly appeared behind them.

No! It wasn't a woman; it was a robe!

What he cut in half just now was also a robe, and once it fell to the ground, it was covered by other textiles. From all around, suddenly, emerging, swaying and rocking slowly, gather around the four of them. Turns out, all ninety-eight pieces of ghost robes that were hung in the yard, in the hallways, within the entire textile house, had all struggled free of the racks!

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