Chapter (16): Play in the woods

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Hua Cheng, at first, really wanted Xie Lian to stay behind. Mostly because they were in the dark of who was pulling all the strings behind the scenes and Hua Cheng didn't want Wei Ying to be left in the care of Nan Feng and Fu Yao for too long. But Xie Lian insisted on going together to Qishen to investigate. So Hua Cheng could only sigh and assign Yin Yu to guard Wei Ying and the Puqi shrine until they got back.

So when Hua Cheng and Xie Lian were out, Wei Ying was back at the Puqi shrine with Lang Ying, Guzi, Qi Rong and Yin Yu. His two teachers, Nan Feng and Fu Yao came from morning to evening as well. The hut that hosted only Xie Lian and Hua Cheng just two years ago was now bustling with seven people.

On the first day that Xie Lian and Hua Cheng left, Lang Ying, Guzi and Qi Rong were in the shrine as usual. Several black masked men working under the Waning Moon Officer, Yin Yu, were guarding them, well, guarding Qi Rong from hurting the kids or escaping. Wei Ying was in the paddy fields as usual, training with Nan Feng and Fu Yao. Usually, those two came at different times but since they heard Xie Lian would be gone for a few days, they insisted that they both stay and protect the shrine and Wei Ying. That is also why Hua Cheng directly ordered Yin Yu to look after Wei Ying; he was afraid the two trash gods would do something stupid like getting into a fight and forgetting to watch Wei Ying while he was gone.

In the paddy field, Wei Ying was practicing a sword move his Baba taught him, but he couldn't do it right and was having a trouble figuring it out.

Fu Yao, "Wei Ying. How many times do I have to tell you? You Have to focus on your footwork as much as you focus on your sword. There won't be only one enemy fighting you on the battlefield. You have to be aware of all your surroundings, or you will be defeated."

Wei Ying, "But it's impossible to jump and do a backflip and swing your sword at the same time! How am I supposed to aim correctly when I'm upside down?"

Fu Yao, "Hm...maybe you need to practice being upside down first. Do a handstand."

Wei Ying, "..."

Nan Feng, "Hey, aren't you being too hard on the kid? It's only been a year since he started training. Give him a break."

Fu Yao, "No, it's already been two weeks since he started practicing this move. He learned all his previous ones in a week.

Nan Feng, "Maybe, it's because your guiding is not enough."

Fu Yao, "What...did you just say?"

Nan Feng, "I'm saying - you've never really taught anyone. Have you ever thought about anyone else besides yourself? You never care for anyone but yourself. So how would you understand to properly guide Wei Ying."

Fu Yao, "YOU DAMN BASTARD! You're letting your mouth run as much as you want. There is nothing that I'm incapable of. And you have no right to tell me that I never care about anyone else. "

Thunder rumbled between Nan Feng and Fu Yao.

Wei Ying watched his two uncles fight again. This was really common when the two met each other. His Baba had told him that his two uncles usually fought, so he understood them and continued to practice on his own. A rather dark, masked figure standing near them watched and sigh under his breath, reconsidering his life choices like why he started working under the Supreme Ghost King, Crimson Rain Sought Flower.

"Wei-ge! Wei-gege!"

Wei Ying, "A-zi, what brings you here? Did Uncle Qi Rong told you to tell me to not to prank him again?"

Guzi, "No, he didn't send me this time. He's asleep and Lang-DaGe[1] is sweeping in the shrine. All the chores are done...and there's nothing to do. So, I came to play with you Wei-ge!"

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