Chapter (22): To Yushi Country - Part two

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The night was dim. Only a small crescent shaped moon could be seen in the dark sky. The night market had ended and the Mo village had become silent and assimilated into the dark night. In this dark and quiet night, a man was walking towards the cemetery of the Mo Village. He wore a dark hooded cape, blocking his face and identity from view.

The dark hooded man casually walked into the cemetery and started digging at a certain place. That place was not supposed to contain any bodies according to the markings done by the villagers. However, after a while of digging, the small body of a young girl appeared from the ground. The man stared at the young girl's body as if he were looking at a delightful meal.

"So, this is where you hide the bodies."

The startled dark hooded man turned around to see who spoke to him out of nowhere. The owner of the voice was a red robed young man with a menacing look in his eyes. His arms were folded in a leisurely manner as if he was not the slightest bit cautious of the dark hooded man in front of him. The dark hooded man was appalled by the red robed man's arrogance.

"Who are you? How did you come here?"

"That doesn't matter. The question is what is the Great Magician Zhang Fa doing here?"

Hearing this, the dark hooded man flinched. He was indeed the great magician Zhang Fa, but he was also a skilled ghost. He was a trickster when he was alive and had been dead for several decades. Because he knew that he wasn't skilled in fighting, he only roamed around small human villages like Mo village. During his time as a ghost, he had never encountered a greater ghost or demon around these areas and was able to establish his name as the Great Magician Zhang Fa. He performed tricks using resentful energy. He could use his own resentful energy which he obtained when he died. But the amount he had wasn't enough for the big tricks he wanted to perform. As his skills in controlling the resentful energy was lacking, he could only use the resentful energy extracted from fresh, new corpses. So he had been killing several boys and girls every time he performed at a village. However, since he was slick in his work, none of the cultivators or exorcist monks noticed anything wrong about him and thus, he had never been caught before.

"Ha...I guess you caught me. What are you gonna do then?"

Zhang Fa took off his hood. He was still wearing that mysterious mask. Seeing that the red robed man was alone, Zhang Fa taunted him. Although he could see that the red robed young man was not the slightest bit affected by the taunt, he thought; if it was just one human or ghost, he might be able to take him down. Zhang Fa secretly reached to his back and tried to take out a small knife. However, he strongly sensed a foreboding feeling and in that moment, Zhang Fa was violently kicked on the back and he fell forwards.

Zhang Fa, "AHh!! What the hell...!"

Zhang Fa tried to get up despite the pain in his back. It felt like the bones in his back were broken. He could not get up since two black-garbed soldiers were pinning him down on the ground. Zhang Fa groaned angrily and glanced up at the red robed man who seemed to be their master. Zhang Fa, for the first time in his life, learnt how it was like to be truly frightened. The red robed young man's black eyes were cold like an endless abyss that would destroy him without leaving a strand of hair behind. Zhang Fa was silenced as soon as he saw those eyes. Then, a white robed cultivator holding a nine or ten years old boy came and stood beside the red robed man.

Hua Cheng, "Gege, I've caught him."

Xie Lian, "Thanks, San Lang."

Wei Ying, " the Great Magician was a bad person...?"

Little Wei Ying looked dejected as he quietly asked his fathers.

Xie Lian, "A-Ying... He's doing very bad things. Many girls and boys are being harmed because of him. Baby, I know you like the magician, but I also know you wouldn't want others to be harmed just because of this too. Right?"

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