Chapter (10): An awkward dinner table

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It has been a few days since the Mid-Autumn festival, and Lang Ying, Qi Rong and the little child, Guzi had been living at the Puqi Shrine. The small cottage which has only one room in its entirety had become lively with six residents.

Qi Rong was the worst resident for no doubt. Xie Lian had to always restrain him with Rouye and when he's released of the binding on his mouth to feed him, he'd always spout curses, and never stay still while sleeping. So Xie Lian and Hua Cheng tossed him outside the shrine, letting him eat and sleep beside the door where there's at least a roof above.

Qi Rong, of course, cursed and complained non-stop while he pointlessly struggled to break free from Rouye. The little child who was the son of the original owner of the body, Guzi, would at first cry whenever he saw his dad struggling. However, later when he learnt that Xie Lian and Hua Cheng were taking care of them both, he cried less as he became more obedient towards Xie Lian and Hua Cheng.

Guzi would sometimes play with Wei Ying and Lang Ying. He mostly took care of Qi Rong who was like his father-of-sort at the moment. Wei Ying had lessons on reading and writing from Xie Lian, but he always had time to play, and Lang Ying would be his partner of crime and little Guzi would be dragged with them sometimes. Of course, Wei Ying was the one who led them all around the village.

On the second day after returning from the heavenly banquet, Wei Ying firmly said to Hua Cheng, "I want to learn how to wield a sword!"

Hua Cheng wasn't really surprised when Wei Ying said this, he had expected much. He knew Wei Ying would sooner or later become interested in swords since Xie Lian carried his black sword, Fengxin. Although Hua Cheng didn't think Wei Ying would ask him to teach the swordsmanship.

Hua Cheng, "Okay. Why are you telling me that?"

Wei Ying, "Because I want to learn how to use the sword like A-die!"

Hua Cheng raised a brow, "When have you ever seen me using a sword?"

Wei Ying, "In the play during the banquet."

Hua Cheng seemed like he realized something, "Ahh. But what I wield is not a sword. It's a scimitar."

Wei Ying, "A scimitar?"

Hua Cheng, "Yea, a scimitar. I'm not really that good with swords. How about asking your Baba? He's excellent at swordsmanship, much better than me."

Wei Ying, "Alright!"

Wei Ying was met with something he was not expecting. He wanted to learn how to wield a sword. His late parents, Wei Changze and Cangse Sanren, were both sword cultivators. When he saw Hua Cheng skillfully wielding the scimitar during the play, he just thought it was also a sword since he still had to learn the difference between swords and scimitars. Although he admired Hua Cheng for his strength, what he wanted to learn was swords so he was thinking on what to do. It was amazing news for him to know that his Baba knew swordsmanship, and his Baba was even better at it than his A-die. He hopped to Xie Lian with great anticipation.

Wei Ying, "Baba! Please teach me swordsmanship!"

Xie Lian was cooking while he heard of that and accidently, he poured a packet of dry leaves into the simmering pot. He was alarmed for a second, but not troubled since this pot was for Qi Rong to eat. But the matter here was,

Xie Lian, "Swordsmanship? Where did you get that idea?"

Wei Ying, "I really wanted to learn how to wield swords when I saw A-die during the play at the Mid-Autumn Banquet. But A-die said he wields a scimitar and not a sword, and that Baba is better at swordsmanship than him. So I'm here. Hehee."

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