Chapter (7): The Lantern Festival - Part two

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Just as Pei Ming's made-up play about him and Ling Wen ended, Xie Lian reluctantly released his blockage on Wei Ying's ears. Wei Ying wanted to ask about what happened on the stage, but as another round was already starting, Wei Ying's attention was grasped by the swiftly moving wine cup. Xie Lian sighed thinking it was lucky that Wei Ying's attention was caught by something else.

'Which god would be chosen next?? What kind of majestic play would the god get??' Wei Ying was waiting with anticipation, also thinking to himself that he would not let Xie Lian block him this time.

In a minute, when the thunder stopped, the wine cup found its winner. It was Shi Wudu, Shi Qingxuan's elder brother.

Shi Wudu furrowed a bit at the two courteous but mocking friends of his, (It's Pei Ming and Ling Wen) and gulped down the wine. Then the curtains started to raise once more. Before the curtains had even reached the very top, two long trills came from within:

"My Wifeeee~~~"

"Hubby~~~~~", boundlessly affectionate, the tender voices twisted and turned, filled with lingering and yearning.

Xie Lian wanted to face palm himself, 'Why did he bring Wei Ying to an adult banquet like this??!!' He quickly wanted to block Wei Ying's ears. But before Xie Lian could block, Shi Qingxuan got to it first.

Blocking Wei Ying's ears, Shi Qingxuan jumped to her feet, with goosebumps over half of her body. "GE!! HURRY AND CUT IT OFF!!!"

Shi Wudu immediately shouted as well, also with goosebumps over half of his body, "DROP IT! DROP IT RIGHT NOW!"

The curtains dropped as soon as Shi Wudu spoke up. The other heavenly officials in the audience all wanted to laugh but didn't dare to, suffering from holding in their mirth.

Shi Qingxuan's face was half pale and half green. She could not, definitely could not let Wei Ying see a play like that especially with her and her brother in it. The goosebumps still haven't left her body.

Wei Ying was now pouting a bit because he hadn't seen both two plays since the game started. The first time, his Baba blocked his ears, then the next, his Qing-ayi blocked his ears.

Wei Ying : "Baba, Qing-ayi, why can't I watch the plays?" , Wei Ying asked pushing his little lips a bit forward.

Shi Qingxuan : "Those plays are all nonsense and bad. It will only be bad influence on A-Ying if he watches it. Qing-ayi will let you watch it when there's a good one, all right?"

Wei Ying : "Ok..."

Xie Lian just smiled and watched the two, then he finally asked the question he was curious about.

Xie Lian : "Lord Wind Master, I didn't know you can call for the curtains to drop?"

Shi Qingxuan : "Yeah, it's no big deal. Just donate a hundred thousand merits!"

Xie Lian : "..."

Xie Lian sat, speechless, and the third round began. This time, the winner of the wine cup was the young man sitting next to Xie Lian. Wei Ying was already leaning half his body over to the stage, determined that this time, he would not let his ears be blocked. Xie Lian could only smile painfully as he wished for this play to not be any over the top plays.

The young god nonchalantly drank the wine, and the curtains raised up. The stage showed a play about a young general with wavy hair, although exceedingly exaggerated, he still looked heroically sprightly; and another one who had pointy lips and monkey cheeks; like that of a wretched clown, jumping all over the stage.

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