Chapter (38): Brocade Immortal - Part Two

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It's the Half-Maquillage Woman!

The Half-Maquillage Woman was a vulgar monster formed by the jealousy of older women towards young girls. They couldn't accept their own aging, and were convinced that consuming the blood and flesh of young girls could bring back their youth. They enjoyed squeaking in high pitched voices, faking the sound of a young girl. However, as they say, "eyes are the windows to the soul"; old age was something they could not hide, no matter how hard they tried. While the more blood and flesh they consumed, the younger the bottom half of their face would appear, the upper half of their face that held the eyes would appear older, and the contrast of the face would become even more stark. Even then, they stubbornly refuse to see the error of their ways.

Xie Lian was going to subdue her, but before he could even act, Xiu Li was already stepping her on her back. The Half-Maquillage Woman tried to crawl her way out but was kicked instead. She knew there was no way out; she could only wail as she cried.


Xie Lian was in no hurry. He walked over to the woman with gentle steps, "So you're the one who stole the Brocade Immortal?"

The Half-Maquillage Woman immediately cried, "It's not me, it's not me! I wouldn't dare break into the Great Martial Temple!"

That was true, if he thought about it. Typical lower-ranked ghosts really didn't have the guts to break into Great Martial Temples so rashly; they'd be blown to smithereens for sure. Besides, this Half-Maquillage Woman probably had no connection to the Brocade Immortal; with a rough look, her ghost age was probably eighty-something, while that Brocade Immortal was said to be centuries old.

"Then where did you get your hands on this brocade robe?" Xie Lian questioned.

That Half-Maquillage Woman picked up her headscarf and covered the top half of her face anew, her voice shrieking high again, " answer Daozhang! I ... I picked it up in the Ghost City..."


Was that a thing? Picked it up from the Ghost City??

Xie Lian was speechless for a moment, then he questioned, "Then who was the one that sold the brocade to you?"

The Half-Maquillage Woman answered anxiously, "Daozhang! I beg you, please let me off the hook! I don't know, either. It's not like businesses in the Ghost City need to have their eighteen generations of ancestry checked!"

That was true, too. If starting a business in Ghost City required having eighteen generations of ancestry checked, it wouldn't be as bustling as it was now. Things could only thrive if there was room for loopholes.

Xie Lian interrogated for a while, but it was fruitless. After determining this Half-Maquillage Woman was no more than a little minion, he called, "Qi Ying, have one of your heavenly officials come collect this female ghost."

Quan Yizhen was still a little dazed, most likely from his prior experience. He seemed to be on guard against Xiu Li, too. Xie Lian had no idea of what happened so he couldn't understand why he would be on guard against Xiu Li; the boy was just here to protect Wei Ying.

"Your Highness Qi Ying?" Xie Lian asked again.

Only then, Quan Yizhen heard him clearly and replied, "I don't have any heavenly officials in my palace."

"Not even one?" Xie Lian asked. "You've never appointed any deputy generals?"

Quan Yizhen was confidently staunch in his answer, "Not a single one."


Xie Lian was speechless, but he decided to not dwell on it and focus on the matter at hand. He was going to find a clay jar so that he could seal that Half-Maquillage Woman.

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