Chapter (19): The Yushi Festival - Part two

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[This is a warning for TGCF SPOILERS. As someone who personally hates spoilers... I would feel guilty if i didn't properly warn for spoilers. This fanfic has already spoiled most of TGCF, but there's more to come. This chapter may even contain spoilers for the ending of TGCF. soo..please advance at ur own risks~~~]

 New Yushi is a city in the region of GusuLan, established in honour of the Rain Master. It is not the Yushi Kingdom that Yushi Huang was once queen of, but a new one. In fact, the original Yushi Country, where the Goddess Yushi Huang resides in, is quite far from New Yushi. But the members of GusuLan Sect had always been devoted worshippers of Yushi Huang, and so New Yushi was founded in the Gusu region by a former Sect Leader of GusuLan. When New Yushi was founded in honour of Yushi Huang five hundred years ago, there were only farmers and villagers but now it is bustling with cultivators and merchants as well and the city has been expanded to be able to host a grand celebration each century. Still, vast fields of various crops surround the city all the way to the horizon.

During the festive time of the century, all citizens clean their city spotless and set up vendors and stalls selling various crops and hand-made goods. Plays and shows are performed during the nights as well, followed by fireworks and releasing paper-lanterns into the river. It is said that they celebrate the Yushi festival as much as they've worked in the past century, to show how much they've accomplished. Although it goes against the guiding of the Rain Master, none can really inhibit the festive nature of humans. Even the heavenly officials enjoy going to the Yushi festival by disguising themselves as normal humans or normal cultivators. And in one part of the street with many vendors and shops, you can see a young maiden and a younger boy excitedly running around while calling out like "Qing-jie!" "YingYing!".

They were the Lord Wind Master and Wei Ying in disguise. The Lord Wind Master was the beautiful young girl in glistening light green robes with a lovely white fan in her hands. She wore a white mask with flower patterns to disguise herself. Even though she wore a mask, her dainty figure and fair complexion made her stand out in every way she went. There was also a nine-year-old boy in a white rabbit mask with silver butterfly patterns on it. This was Wei Ying in his disguise. He wore a very light coloured robe with red and black patterns. His bouncy dark black hair was also tied up with a silver headpiece embedded with a bright red gem. This sister and brother duo was getting all the attention on the New Yushi street.

While Shi Qingxuan and Wei Ying were playing in the street, Hua Cheng and Ming Yi were close behind them. Hua Cheng wore crimson red robes with exquisite silver vambraces and a grey-coloured mask. Ming Yi had on her a refined dark robe with black diamonds as accessories. She looked like a domineering female cultivator with her half-bone mask. Looking upon them from the second floor of a tea house on that street is a handsome young man in a light mellow robe over which he put on a transparent red robe. Even a fluffy brown bunny mask couldn't hide how handsome he is. His straight dainty nose and soft pink lips stood out as much as his outfit.

This was no doubt Xie Lian. His robes were white and slightly red. He thought he looked even more frivolous than when he wore bridal robes to defeat the ghost groom. Still, it was the first festival for Wei Ying, so he wanted to looked his best for his son. He was sitting at a table and there was also another man sitting in front of him. The other man was tall, wearing a grand robe with vibrant golden patterns and a warrior's mask. But almost all of his accessories had shapes of different types of swords which made him quite peculiar. Xie Lian poured that man a cup of tea.

Xie Lian, "It's quite unexpected meeting you here, My Lord."

Jun Wu, "Rain Master's festival is enjoyable every century. Many gods come in disguise; there's a lot even in this room."

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