Chapter (26): A problem in Ghost City

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The wedding ceremony went well. Although Pei Su and Banyue didn't invite many guests because it was a wedding supervised by none other than the Queen Yushi Huang, almost every villager in their village attended. So it was obvious that they received many gifts as well. Most of the villagers gave bags of grain, seeds, vegetables, cattle, chicken and others gave some clothes or paintings.

The elder from the paternal side, Pei Ming, gifted Pei Su a sword. The sword was as good as a legendary one with a black sheath and brown handle. It was forged well, and also had a small tassel on the handle. Pei Ming said while giving the sword, "Protect your wife well and don't cause trouble anymore. ...And be careful of the tea."

Pei Su was a person who had a hard expression most of the time, but when he received the sword, his eyes seemed to tremble slightly. But not many noticed that his eyes got a little teary as well.

Pei Su, "Thank you, General Pei."

Then, Xie Lian and Hua Cheng came up to the newly-wedded couple.

Xie Lian, "A-Yue, this is for you."

Xie Lian handed a beautiful light-coloured flute to Banyue. It was a well-made flute with a flower-shaped tassel on one side.

Xie Lian, "I remember both of you liked music when you were young. I don't have much to give... so I prepared a flute. I hope the music from the flute will accompany the both of you as you live a long, happy life."

Banyue took the flute a bit clumsily but carefully. She was still covered by a red veil, but the people around her could hear her sobbing softly.

Banyue, "Thank you. Thank you, ...Baba."

Xie Lian's eyes widened when he heard Banyue called him. This was the second time he had heard her call him like that. Immediately after, Xie Lian's eyes softened and he also got teary as well. If it weren't for their current situation, Xie Lian and Banyue might have been hugging and sobbing like that day under the tree. However, they were in the middle of a wedding.

Xie Lian, "Smile, my little princess. Today is a special day. We will be meeting each other often from now on. Come visit our Puqi shrine if you have time too."

Banyue swiftly wiped her cheeks and replied with a cheer in her voice, "Yes, Baba."

Hua Cheng chuckled softly from Xie Lian's side. Then he put his arm around Xie Lian as if he was giving him comfort. Hua Cheng was in his original form that day. He was taller than everyone else there and he was wearing silver vambraces and a black eyepatch. Hua Cheng looked so intimidating as the bride's father that some rumours stated that he was warning the groom not to mess with the bride.

Hua Cheng took out a token which looked exactly like one of his silver butterflies. Although this one was at the size which would fit perfectly in one's hand and was an object rather than a moving butterfly. The butterfly's wings on the token were also thick and were made to look more like a decoration to be worn at the belt.

"It's the token to the City of Ghosts. If you bring the token there, some people will take you to Paradise Manor where you can stay. I own that place so feel free to roam and use its services as you like."

Banyue, "Thank you, A-die."

Banyue called Hua Cheng 'A-die' without much hesitation and without knowing how big of a bomb that was to other people.

Pei Su, the groom, felt like he just tripped on something as a chilling shiver went up his spine. He looked up at Hua Cheng, thinking that Banyue might have offended him but when he saw the Ghost King smiling satisfiedly, Pei Su held his breath and swore another time that he would never wrong his wife.

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