Chapter (32): An unsolved case

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Xie Lian turned to Wei Ying and stood up abruptly, trying to reach to his son. But as soon as he stepped on his foot, his ankle twisted and he fell onto the person under him again.


Seeing Xie Lian stagger, Wei Ying and Banyue both ran towards him. Hua Cheng, however, held Xie Lian gently in his arms. Then he rose to his feet and swept Xie Lian swiftly into his carry.

"Let's go back to the Manor first."

Hua Cheng only said a sentence, but both Wei Ying and Banyue noticed the seriousness and authoritative aura in the voice and followed closely behind.

Xie Lian was still dressed in women's clothing, and could only be grateful that the pillow was no longer stuffed in his belly. After being carried for a few seconds, the silent atmosphere brought him back to his senses. He struggled a bit in Hua Cheng's arms but didn't succeed, so he remained silent.

Wei Ying, "A-die... what happened to Baba? Why did he fall earlier?"

Xie Lian, "A-Ying, Baby. I'm alright."

Xie Lian said without looking up at Hua Cheng's face. He was looking down, patting Wei Ying's head as he said with a soft voice. However, the two children who saw Hua Cheng's cold expressionless face knew otherwise. Sensing the tense atmosphere, Xie Lian softly cleared his throat.

"...San Lang, I'm sorry. I kind of lost it just now, how embarrassing."

Xie Lian's voice was so soft that only Hua Cheng could hear it. He thought San Lang had meant well, but he had ended up overreacting and scaring him; truly, he was being too impolite.

Hua Cheng, however, just replied in the similar soft tone, "Nothing of the sort. I was the one who offended gege. San Lang is in the wrong and apologizes."

Seeing that he didn't take anything to heart, Xie Lian secretly let out a breath of relief.

"You were only trying to help; it wasn't really a big deal anyway...Oh, what happened to the child spirit by the way? And how come A-Ying and A-Yue are both at Ghost City?"

Hua Cheng, however, replied in an authoritative tone, cutting off their whispering conversation: "Treating your wounds comes first."

During this exchange, they had already arrived before a magnificent dark red building. Xie Lian was very familiar with this builing, from the title 'Paradise Manor' hung upon the entrance to the where the back doors and the crooks and nooks were, since Wei Ying liked to play hide and seek and Xie Lian was always the one finding him in that Manor. The three had been staying at Paradise Manor just until the other day because of the incident that happened during Wei Ying's first night hunt. And the day before was supposed to be their first time in a while going back to Puqi Shrine, their home in the human realm. However, right then, Xie Lian was being carried back to Paradise Manor by Hua Cheng, and Wei Ying and Banyue were walking behind them in tow. Xie Lian didn't need to look in the mirror to know how red he was then.

Steadily, Hua Cheng entered the exquisite manor, carrying Xie Lian in his arms, and mounted the black jaded divan. Xie Lian sat on the divan, Hua Cheng himself half-knelt below, Wei Ying and Banyue standing on each side of them. The position made Xie Lian uncomfortable but because everyone else seemed so natural with it, he couldn't say anything. Hua Cheng gently held Xie Lian's injured foot, checking the tiny puncture dyed by blood underneath. Xie Lian started to feel embarrassed being held like that and seeing that Hua Cheng was about to take off his boot, he yelped, "No!" and tried to get down. However, Hua Cheng pushed him back, swiftly removing both his boot and sock with a steady hand.

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