Chapter (35): Mount Tong'lu reopens

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Xie Lian sighed as he entered the Puqi Shrine. He hadn't been able to focus on his work that entire day. His mind seemed to be troubled by something that even he could not figure out what it was. Feeling a bit annoyed, Xie Lian just decided to take a rest in the shrine.

Just as he was sitting there, he noticed something wrong with the donation box. He opened the box and saw that it was filled with golden bars. He immediately shut it.

"San Lang! I have to go to the heavens for a bit. Don't let A-Ying out of your sight! He might go pheasant hunting if you take your eyes off him."

Xie Lian shouted to Hua Cheng who was still planting the green rice stalks in the water field.

"I got it, Gege."

"Baba! Bring back some water lotus seeds if you can! Ah!"

"Don't trouble your baba. You and I can go get them ourselves."

Wei Ying yelled, only to get smacked on the head by Hua Cheng.

"It's alright! I'll bring back some!" Xie Lian yelled back from the Puqi Shrine and left for the heavens. On arriving in the heavens, Xie Lian saw a large crack in the avenue as if a large hammer had split it apart. Ling Wen was standing beside the crack, massaging her temples.

Xie Lian, "Ling Wen. This..."

Ling Wen, "Ah, Your Highness. This is the aftermath of General Nan Yang and General Xuan Zhen fighting and destroying each other's temples..."

Ling Wen seemed to be stressed over the split ground. She had black bags under her eyes and they seemed both dazed and angered. As a martial god, Xie Lian had never done as much paperwork as her, but he could somewhat feel her frustration at that moment. However, he came to the heavens because he had something to do.

Xie Lian put down the old donation box in front of Ling Wen, "Ling Wen. I think the golden bars in this donation box are given by Lord Water Master, for helping his younger brother. But that was only helping a friend in need. I cannot accept such a gift for that. And even if he didn't give me anything, I wouldn't say anything that shouldn't be said."

Ling Wen told Xie Lian to just keep it as a small gift but Xie Lian just left the box and fled the scene quickly. Xie Lian had helped Shi Qingxuan with his case but he had not been able to contact him since they parted ways the night before. So Xie Lian decided to pay him a visit as he was in the heavens. When he arrived at the Wind Master's Palace, Xie Lian saw something that he truly did not expect. Shi Qingxuan was tied up in his own bed! He didn't seem to be kept there out of his own will, so Xie Lian tried to rescue him. With Ming Yi's help, they somehow managed to flee the heavens. However, Pei Ming was tailing them in hot pursuit.

Xie Lian, Shi Qingxuan and Ming Yi, the three of them fled to the mortal realm and ended up at PuQi Shrine. Xie Lian opened the door and after the three had entered, closed it again hastily. Although they had gotten away for now, it was certain that they would be caught if they stayed there for too long. So Xie Lian turned away from the door and was going to show Ming Yi a place to draw the teleportation spell so that they could go far from the Puqi Shrine. But, Xie Lian was baffled by the scene he saw.

Inside the shrine, Hua Cheng and Wei Ying were standing with both of their upper bodies bare. Hua Cheng was naturally taller than Wei Ying and his muscles much larger. It was obvious with just one look that the muscles on Hua Cheng's body were strong and tough yet they also looked smooth and flawless. Wei Ying could be said to be muscular for his age, but compared with the teenager's body, Hua Cheng's body was like a mountain, whilst Wei Ying's was like a rock. The colour of Hua Cheng's skin and the curves of his bare upper half were exceedingly beautiful, extremely eye-catching, so much so that Xie Lian's eyes were going to fall out of their sockets. That pale skin of his contrasted with his dark hair, creating a very sensual picture in Xie Lian's mind. Even if he didn't see anything properly, he still couldn't help the blood rushing to his head, painting his cheeks crimson. Xie Lian felt like his head was going to explode. He fumbled and tumbled to his side and opened his arms wide, blocking Ming Yi and Shi Qingxuan's views. [1]

"WHA-!! CLOSE! CLOSE YOUR EYES! QUICK! DON'T LOOK INTO THE SHRINE! AND YOU TWO! What are you doing nake- ... like that in the shrine?!!"

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