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You panted at his sudden vicinity to your face

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You panted at his sudden vicinity to your face. If it was possible, he was even more handsome. His skin was smooth and you bet it was soft, too. All of a sudden, you felt the urge to reach out to your finger to touch it, but you controlled it, tightening your grip on the bedsheet. He smirked again.

"Struggling to keep control, kitten?"

Whispered one more time with his deep and sensual voice. That nickname. You gulped, trying to come to your senses and moving your glance away, on the floor.

"W-Who are you?"

You asked stuttering. You immediately cursed yourself for letting him understand that you were under his control and you couldn't even manage your feelings.

"My name is Seonghwa. I'm the demon you asked for last night. Don't I look familiar to you?"

He replied, tilting his head to the left. It was like he was studying you. Your every move, your face and expressions. Everything.

"I didn't ask you! I didn't ask for anything!"

You quickly retorted while shaking your head and trying to put some distance between you two. You gathered your naked legs close to your chest as if they were a wall that could protect you from him. He chuckled coldly before asking a question.

"Oh, really? Then, who wrote this?"

He moved away from your face to knelt down in front of you. With a quick hand motion, he made something appear in his right hand. After the black smoke flew away, you realized that he was holding a piece of paper between his index and middle finger. He handed it out to you and you took it with your quivering hand. You opened and its content hit you hard.

It was your handwriting. You quickly gave a reading at what you wrote, even though you already knew that. Subsequently, you lift your gaze at the male in front of you. God, he was even better in real life then you expected him to be. Again, you wished you could punch yourself in the face for making such a beautiful being like him. You were sincere when you described him. He had everything you liked together, but you would've never thought that the final result would look like Seonghwa.

He didn't take his eyes off you during all this time. He was completely attracted to you, lost. His eyes wandered all over your body: from your messy hair to your lips, your neck, your breast then down to your legs. Moreover, the fact that your whole attention was pinned to a ridiculous piece of white paper bothered him to death. That's why he snapped his finger, making the note in your hand turning in to smoke, earning a squeak from you. Now he had your attention.

You, on the other hand, just realized he wasn't a normal person. He wasn't human. He was a demon. Something evil and dangerous. You shivered when you saw him looking so intensely at your body that was covered only by your tank top and a pair of shorts. You wanted to hide under the blankets, but at the same time, you wanted to be as far away as possible form that creature. So, you rapidly stood up and reached the door to go out of your room an look for your parents, but it was closed. You were trapped in that room with him.

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