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The three males were walking in the hallway towards their classrooms, after they walked you to yours

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The three males were walking in the hallway towards their classrooms, after they walked you to yours. They were chuckling over some jokes that Mingi said about his Chemistry teacher. They were the only ones left in the corridor, the rest of the students were already in their classes. Though, that didn't worry them, in fact, they kept walking slowly and calmly.

Behind them, they could hear loud steps getting closer to their backs, but they didn't really pay attention to those. Until a voice stopped their steps and the three guys turned around to see who it was.

"Hello, guys. You are Miss. Yoon's friends, right?"

Mr. Kang smiled at them, though his eyes showed no expression, no emotions. Hongjoong, Mingi, and Wooyoung furrowed their eyebrows while nodding confused at the teacher in front of them. He hummed before walking beyond them before speaking.

"Would you mind following me in the teachers' room?"

The teacher didn't even wait for an answer from the three males. They looked at each other and followed the man without saying a word.

Once they reached the teachers' room, Mr. Kang placed his bag on the long table in the center of the room, before passing a hand on his face and sighed. The three boys were standing in front of him motionless as the teacher leaned against the table.

"You know what I'm about to ask?"

Mr. Kang inquired while crossing his arms on the chest and analyzing the expressions of the males in front of him.

Wooyoung opened his mouth to say something but Ming hit him on the arm with his elbow. The black-haired male shot daggers with his eyes at the taller boy, who hushed him by shaking his head. Mingi knew that Wooyoung was about to ask the teacher if he had an affair with you, so he preferred stopping him.

Hongjoong, who didn't take his eyes off Mr. Kang, hummed before answering.

"Actually, no, we don't."

He replied, lying. It's not that he was really lying, just he wasn't really sure that the man knew something about you that he didn't know. Mr. Kang scoffed perfectly aware that they were lying. He couldn't think that these guys didn't even have a suspect about you or what you were doing.

"You don't trust me."

Claimed Mr. Kang with a grin on his lips. Smart.

Hongjoong didn't reply and involuntarily confirmed the teacher. He was right, he didn't trust him. Your situation was delicate, they couldn't tell the first stranger about it.

"Why should we?"

Asked Wooyoung quickly. Mingi nodded. Mr. Kang scoffed again. He was acting like a guy their age and not like a teacher or a man. That surprised Hongjoong and started thinking that his role was just a mask, but then he remembered that they were in a movie.

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