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You nervously pass a hand through your hair

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You nervously pass a hand through your hair. Seonghwa was driving you crazier and crazier since he was enjoying teasing you. You moaned his name a couple of times to let him understand that you were burning from the desire to have him. But nothing. He was just there, licking your core while caressing your thighs on his shoulders. He was gentle and slow as if he was tasting his favourite dish.


You called him, again, so that he could give you what you wanted.

"So impatient, huh?"

He claimed, smirking. Finally he gave you his attentions. His tongue tickled your entrance, making you arch your back on the mattress. Your left hand ended up in the demon's hair, pulling them and tightening your grip. He groaned with his mouth still on you. Seonghwa sucked and licked your liquids once you came. You were panting and feeling dizzy.

You've never felt anything like this before. It was like he knew you so well that he knew what you liked, how you liked it and where you liked it. It was anguished, but the only thing you felt was pleasure. Your mind was now focused only on the black haired male in front of you, that was licking his fingers dripping with your liquids. And you found it really hot.

You swallowed when he towered you, caressing your cheek as he licked his lips. Your hand passed through his short hair on the nape, pulling him towards you and kissing him and playing with his tongue. It was your turn now, you wanted to please him, even if he didn't want to. In your opinion it was a way to make him realise that you really needed him.

Your hands travelled down on his back, grabbed the base of the knitted, grey vest he was wearing, and pull it up to take it off. Then, your attention focused on his white shirt, unbuttoning it slowly and leaving wet kisses on his chest, stomach and abdomen. He took it off, letting it fall on the floor. Then, you concentrated on his black belt and the button of his cargo pants. You lowered them and started playing with the elastic band of his boxers. Just like he did.

It was time to change position, so you layed you hand on his shoulder and pulled him under you, on his face appeared a surprised look.

"Full of initiative, aren't we?"

He asked rhetorically and smirking. You, that were now sitting on his waist, smirked back, while caressing his member from up his underwear, making him moan and bite his lower lip. Once unveiled his penis, you started kissing the base, tracing the outline with your tongue and licking his length. All of this painfully slowly, for Seonghwa. You reached the tip and you lightly sucked it, while keeping and eye on the demon's face to see his reaction, and when you noticed that he was flushed and his body temperature higher than the usual you smirked, complimenting your self for your job.

As you felt his hand in your hair, you opened your mouth and took all of his member in. It felt like you were suffocating, but endured that sensation and repeated this move other times, since you heard him moaning and panting. You continued with your motions, feeling his member getting harder and harder.

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