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Your arms stretched on their own once the literature lesson concluded

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Your arms stretched on their own once the literature lesson concluded. You were scared that Mr. Kang couldn't take his eyes off you since the weird question in the infirmary room, but it didn't happen and you were grateful for that. He treated you just like any other student. Because that was what you were, in the end. Incubus aside.

You pulled all the books and papers in your bag and stood up, before throwing it on your shoulder. You walked towards the door but the sound of your teacher's voice echoed in your minds, repeating always the same words.

"Do your friends know about that mark on your wrist?"

"You should tell them."

You turned on your feet, letting the other students surpass you and leave the room. When you asked him if he could see the mark on your wrist, he didn't answer, or better, he didn't have the time to. However, he could reply with a nod or shaking his head, to cut it short, but he didn't. And now, you were curious to know the answer. No one could interrupt you at that moment.

You stepped closer to the teacher table, stopping on the other side from where Mr. Kang was wearing his heavy and fluffy leather jacket. You tightened the grip on the bag's strap, suddenly feeling nervous.

"Hello, Mr. Kang."

You said awkwardly and giving him a tight-lipped smile when he lifted his stare from his books.

"Miss. Yoon, hello. I saw you were very interested in today's topic."

He claimed with a small smile on his lips. For some reason, your heart started racing. Kang Yeosang had observed you through the whole lesson, he was just smart enough to not get caught. And he also knew the motive why you stopped instead of leaving for the break.

You started fidgeting with your fingers nervously. Suddenly, all of your self-confidence you had a few minutes ago disappeared. You didn't know if asking your teacher what he knew about Incubus was the right thing to do without being crazy.

But then, you realized that probably it was already too late, so he already thought that you were insane, which meant that you had nothing to lose. After that conversation, he'll remain your teacher and you, his student.

"Thank you for your help that day. My friends would've panicked right away even if it was a normal fever. I'm grateful that you were here."

You thanked him, bowing. It was true, Mingi, Wooyoung, San, and Hongjoong would've panicked and gone into overprotective big brothers mode if Mr. Kang hadn't been there. They would've probably brought you to the hospital for a ridiculous temperature. He hummed, waving his hand in your direction.

"No problem, Miss. Yoon. I just did what needed to be done. And yes, your friends panicked a lot."

You chuckled when he confirmed your thoughts. You knew those boys better than you know yourself. There was nothing they could hide from you, even when you were passed out on a bed.

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