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You turned on your back, complaining to get more sleep

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You turned on your back, complaining to get more sleep. When you realized that you couldn't go back to dreamland, you opened your eyes and stretched your arms and leg, while moaning. Finally, that was a good rest. You looked around, trying to understand where you were, what time it was and in which year you woke up in since it felt like you've slept for ages.

Your eyes laid on the baby-blue walls close to you and the white furniture in the room with a confused look on your face, since you remembered that the walls in your apartment were grey and the pieces of furniture were in a modern design than this ones.

You looked around for more clues that could help you understand where you were, but nothing really helped, until you laid your eyes on a male figure with blonde hair and a pile of papers in his hands. As soon as he lifted his gaze, connecting his eyes with yours, your heart skipped a beat and you raised your back from the bed way too quickly for your poor and sensitive head, that immediately started spinning. The white and wet towel you had on your forehead fell on your thigh, which made you noticed that you were covered with a coat as a blanket. Mr. Kang's coat.

"Not so fast, Miss. Yoon!"

Your teacher exclaimed, standing up and dashing towards you, grabbing your shoulders as if you needed support. You lifted your head, ready to reply to him, but when your eyes met his for the second time, the only thing that you were able to do was blushing at the sudden vicinity of our faces.

"I'm fine."

You answered with a weak smile on your lips. Mr. Kang helped you sitting on the bed, making your body turning so that you could face him with your legs swinging down the bed, not long enough to reach the floor. Then, he fixed his coat on your shoulders, leaning closer to you and you involuntarily felt his perfume invading your nostrils. The fresh and manly cologne on his skin made him even more attractive.

He left you for a brief second and, once he turned back, he handed two pills and a glass of water to you. You proceeded to swallow the pills helping yourself with some water before your teacher could speak. You thanked him and gave the empty glass back.

Mr. Kang placed it on one of the furniture near the bed before taking his seat in front of you. You bit your inner cheek in embarrassment for the silence that fell in the room. The male was back on his papers and you just couldn't handle staying seated without doing or saying absolutely nothing.

"Uhm, Mr. Kang, what happened?"

You asked, not wanting to bother him from his work. The blonde male lifted his stare, looking at you as if he saw a ghost. Then, he went back to his senses, showing his usual blank expression on his face.

"You passed out on me while I was talking to you. Don't worry, it was just a fever. However, I suggest you stay at home tomorrow and the day after, so that you could rest properly."

He explained. Another wave of embarrassment hit you as soon as he ended his speech, realizing how selfish and dumb you've been going to school in your conditions. Again, your cheeks were burning.

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